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3 top cyber security risks in the legal sector

Posted by Jacob on 04-Apr-2017 10:40:18

Cyber security risks are a hot topic in the area of law firm compliance right now, and rightly so. A quarter of law firms have reported being the...

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Tags: Legal, Cyber security

Is BYOD and remote working secure enough for law firms?

Posted by Jacob on 31-Mar-2017 09:47:26

The ever-widening scope for a modern lawyer to take on new work brings with it a set of challenges that will be unfamiliar to even the most...

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Tags: Legal, Cloud

How private equity firms can prevent data getting into the wrong hands

Posted by Jacob on 29-Mar-2017 12:07:56

Private equity firms live in understandable fear of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. If a deal is leaked it can sabotage or even signal...

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Tags: Security, private equity

Cloud solutions for law firms: How to ensure BYOD security

Posted by Jacob on 23-Mar-2017 15:35:47

For solicitors, every six minutes of billable time counts. With lawyers often out of the office and working long hours, law firms are fast adopting ...

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Tags: Legal, cloud solutions

Are cloud solutions secure enough for private equity firms?

Posted by Jacob on 20-Mar-2017 14:23:06

Private equity firms hold a wealth of customer and market-sensitive data, making them a magnet for cyber attacks. Not only are they privy to...

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Tags: private equity, cloud solutions

Secure cloud solutions for law firms: A look at SRA guidance

Posted by Jacob on 16-Mar-2017 14:21:08

Although a recent survey puts cloud adoption at 90% industry-wide, law firms are understandably cautious when it comes to the cloud. With ethical and...

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Tags: Legal, Security, cloud solutions

Cloud solutions security: An ethical dilemma for barristers' chambers?

Posted by Jacob on 14-Mar-2017 11:37:15

Cuts to legal aid, unbundling of legal work and the increased demand for fixed fee work are driving down profits for many barristers' chambers. Those...

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Tags: Legal, Security, cloud solutions

The top 5 cyber security risks for private equity firms

Posted by Jacob on 10-Mar-2017 11:09:42

Private equity firms hold a wealth of sensitive client and market information that make them a prime target for cyber criminals, who may see them as...

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Tags: Cyber risks, Cybercrime, private equity, Cyber security

Staying competitive in today's legal market: 4 problems cloud solves

Posted by Jacob on 07-Mar-2017 14:22:51

The legal market and technology is changing, bringing with it a fresh set of challenges. Staying one step ahead of the rest can be tough and there...

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Tags: Legal, Cloud

Doherty Associates break new ground with fourth Microsoft Gold competency

Posted by Jacob on 03-Mar-2017 19:20:11

Recently, Doherty Associates added another Microsoft Gold competency in Datacenter. This means that alongside our Gold competencies in Cloud...

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Tags: Microsoft

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