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Spear Phishing - What you need to know

Posted by Jacob on 09-Nov-2016 18:52:40

Online security is an issue which isn't going away. Whether it's the FBI accusing China of nationwide data hacks, or individual users of Tesco's...

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Tags: Cyber risks, IT Services, Phishing, Security, User awareness

What can you do with Office 365 E3 that you can’t do with Business Premium? (2019 Update)

Posted by Jacob on 22-Sep-2016 10:34:59


One of the topics we are most commonly asked about is the difference between the Office 365 plans.  Aside from the monthly price, there are a...

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Tags: IT Services

25 Years of Doherty Associates

Posted by Jacob on 19-Sep-2016 09:34:07

On September 19th 1991, Doherty Associates was born at a desk in a serviced office in Chiswick. Established just a month after the advent of the...

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Tags: 25 Years, IT Services

25 Tips from 25 Years of Experience

Posted by Jacob on 16-Sep-2016 15:01:52

On September 19th this year, we will celebrate our 25th year in the IT industry. We’ve seen some incredible transformations in technology and the...

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Tags: 25 Years, Experience, IT Services, Organisational Insight, productivity, Security

A data security breach is only a matter of time

Posted by Jacob on 06-Sep-2016 16:31:39

In late 2014, FBI Director James Comey made what was, at the time, an alarming allegation against a supposed network of Chinese hackers. He suggested...

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Tags: Cybercrime, Data, IT Services, Security, Small business, UK SMEs

24 Hour IT Support - why real people matter

Posted by Jacob on 01-Sep-2016 11:32:56

Despite predictions by Gartner at the back end of the ‘credit crunch’ in 2010, the number of IT managed service providers in London is growing each...

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Tags: 24 hour support, 25 Years, IT Services, IT Support, Microsoft, MSP

25 Years of the World Wide Web

Posted by Jacob on 25-Aug-2016 09:42:28

On August 23rd 1991, Tim Berners-Lee made the World Wide Web available to the public, setting the wheels in motion for a technological revolution...

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Tags: 25 Years, Connectivity, Internaut Day, Internet, IT Services, productivity, World Wide Web

Doherty at WPC 2016 - Day Three

Posted by Jacob on 16-Jul-2016 16:25:53

Day three of WPC 2016 was the last full day of this year's event. The focus of the final keynote was on the direction of Microsoft's strategy for...

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Tags: Doherty at WPC 2016

Doherty at WPC 2016 - Day Two

Posted by Jacob on 15-Jul-2016 13:44:02

Day two of WPC 2016 was as engaging as the first, with another insightful keynote followed up by a range of well thought out sessions. The calibre of...

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation, Doherty at WPC 2016, HoloLens, Virtual Reality, WPC 2016

Doherty at WPC 2016 - Day One

Posted by Jacob on 12-Jul-2016 17:12:44

We have just arrived in the city of Toronto for this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference. The annual conference is a fantastic opportunity for...

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Tags: Cloud, Doherty at WPC 2016, Microsoft, productivity, support, WPC 2016

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