Benefits of using OneDrive for business

As the era of cloud storage is upon us and expanding with every day, we are seeing a higher demand in the ability to have an uninterrupted work flow, from leaving the office, to working on the road, a hotel across the world, or simply from your home. OneDrive for Business makes it easier to have a seamless working environment by keeping all files and documents in one place. They can be kept within a personal storage area, accessible anywhere in the world as long as some form of internet connection is established.

OneDrive for Business works on the principal of cloud storage. It is a secure location on the Microsoft cloud database, accessible from any internet enabled devices; be it your laptop, mobile phone, tablet or your desktop computer.

Day to day use of OneDrive for Business allows users to efficiently transfer files from their office PC, to their home PC when needing to complete a body of work that was not completed within office hours.

With OneDrive for Business the process only takes 10-20 minutes to install and sync all documents. All you need to do is download OneDrive from your Microsoft Office portal. Installing it takes no longer than 10 minutes, then sign in to OneDrive using your credentials and wait for the documents to fully sync between the cloud version and your computer. Upon finishing the install all documents will display a green tick next to them which means they are now synced and ready to be accessed and worked on.

Once the work has been completed, the document can be saved back inside the OneDrive folder, automatically transfering the document to the cloud and synchronising it to all other devices that are using the same OneDrive account. This enables you to go back to work and present the documentation to your colleagues in its full and up to date version.

Previously this process would have been much more tedious, with users having to create a VPN connection between the office and home, and then connecting to their office PC via a Remote Desktop Session or shared drive location.

OneDrive for Business also provides a potential “backup” solution. With a physical back up drive such as a portable hard drive which can be damaged (dropped, burnt etc.), corrupted or lost. With OneDrive, you can keep all your important, confidential and personal files on OneDrive which will prevent them from being lost due to one of the above reasons. You can be certain that your files will be stored safely and securely on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Storage system.

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Written By: Doherty

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