Doherty at WPC 2016 - Day Two

Day two of WPC 2016 was as engaging as the first, with another insightful keynote followed up by a range of well thought out sessions. The calibre of presenters at WPC is always first class, and attendees were privileged to hear from some of the industry's thought leaders, as well as a range of product evangelists and senior Microsoft employees.

The highlight of the morning's keynote was the deep dive into Microsoft HoloLens, and the demo of the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass, home to the PGA Tour's Players Championship. We were treated to seeing HoloLens in full flow, offering remarkable insights into the course layout and player statistics. The speed at which this information became visible was hugely impressive, and it offers a higher level of analysis for organisers, players and fans alike.

Doherty at WPC 2016 Microsoft HoloLens is changing the way businesses can strategise

HoloLens is a groundbreaking advancement in holographic technology; Microsoft have made virtual reality a reality for everyone. Such technology will change the way in which we learn to perform complex procedures. For example, medical students training to become neurosurgeons will be able to practice such a process without human resources or any risk to life, increasing the number of surgeons who can be trained whilst decreasing the cost of training them.

What makes HoloLens such a vital development for individuals, and more crucially organisations, is that it can benefit everybody. Whether you are an aforementioned golfer, tournament organiser or a medical student, or an engineering firm, a market forecaster or a car manufacturer, HoloLens can produce real time insights which help you get ahead of the competition and then make plans to stay there.

After the keynote, we attended more sessions run with a focus on enhancing each user's experience and ensuring that as Partners, we are helping our customers make their digital transformation efficiently. Jeff Immelt's (General Electric CEO) interview with Satya Nadella on day one confirmed that even the most successful businesses must continue to innovate to maintain their progress, and that embracing technology was the surest way to power that innovation.

A key focus for us has been and continues to be understanding the business processes that our customers work towards to support them in increasing their efficiency and productivity. The sessions at this year's Partner Conference have revolved around the technologies available to reach these targets, and we are continuing to concentrate on helping our customers use best in class tools which are configured to suit their people and their goals.

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Written By: Jacob

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