IT Support - why does it matter?

In this modern age of IT literacy and increasingly widespread technical ability, we often get asked the question: “Why do I need IT support?” The way some companies see it, they have the knowledge and expertise within the organisation to monitor their systems and avoid any serious downtime, as well as the resources to overcome the minor day to day issues which their users may experience. In their opinion, paying to have their systems supported is unnecessary, because they think that they’ll never use what they’re paying for. Some people believe that IT companies are only useful for installations - help me get Office 365, show me how to use it, then let me figure out the rest.

So, to answer the question - why should you have IT support? After all, if the system that was created in the first place was built to last, surely there won’t be any issues with your IT after that? The reality is that, no matter how robust, functioning or bespoke to your business the system you have in place is - and we design each system differently to make sure we’re tailoring it to all of your business targets - you are bound to face teething problems as you get to grips with it. Whether it be that you have a new employee who needs setting up, or that someone has just left the organisation and their credentials are no longer needed, or that you’re deploying mobile devices throughout the company and you need to make sure that your data stays safe, our team of support engineers will be on hand to take you through each step of the process, ensuring that you can still spend your valuable time doing the things that make your business successful.

The view that IT support just isn’t any use may well be a reflection of the sub-standard, half-hearted support offerings available on the market today. Admittedly, lots of organisations will claim to unfailingly support your systems, but then when you need them, they’re nowhere to be seen. Even for organisations who do a good job of supporting the systems they have created, their efforts tend to cease when everyone goes home for the day - if something happens when there’s no one in the office, it usually won’t be dealt with until someone gets back.

It is in this area where we excel - and believe that we separate ourselves from the rest. Out of our Kuala Lumpur office - which we’ll be featuring later this week - we are able to offer complete 24-hour support, to anywhere in the world. Amongst the many advantages of such a service, there are two crucial advantages which will ensure your productivity each day. Firstly, no matter where you’re based, or how many users you have, you can receive dedicated support for each computer or device within your organisation. This means that regardless of your company size or industry, you can subscribe to a manageable operating expenditure for your IT, per user, per month, and rest assured that they will always be able to work. Better still, our 24-hour capabilities mean that we proactively monitor your IT environment. If an issue arises at 10pm in the UK, our team in Kuala Lumpur will work to fix it during the British night, meaning that you’ll get to the office the following morning and be able to work just as you were before the incident - and without having had to face a second of downtime.

All in all, IT support makes sense for organisations who want to boost their productivity and focus on the goals of their business. Regardless of the technical ability within your company, your resources are precious and are best used doing activities which will help your company grow. In partnership with an experienced managed services provider like Doherty, you can achieve and exceed your aims. We’ll look after everything for you, ensuring that you can work as you want, in a secure environment, for less than you’d think.

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Written By: Jacob

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