Fortinet NSE 2 achieved by Sales Support Administrator, Agnes Nemeth

We are pleased to announce that Doherty Associates’ Sales Support Administator, Agnes Nemeth, has achieved her NSE 2 Fortinet Certification.


Whilst the NSE 1 certification focuses on the Threat Landscape and problems facing organisations and individuals, the NSE 2 certification focuses on The Evolution of Cybersecurity. This certification covers the types of security products that have been created by Fortinet and security vendors to address those problems.


Agnes says “I really enjoyed this course. Even with extremely technical topics, information was easy to absorb. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to build on their technical knowledge as this certification will help me to bridge the gap between technicality and my day-to-day job.”


Fortinet are leading the marketplace with core security products such as next generation firewalls and the evolution of SD-WAN. 

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) program guides Partners through 8 levels of training and assessment in network security. A wide variety of courses and practical exercises are available that demonstrate mastery of complex network security concepts.

There are 8 levels to be achieved under the accreditation. Levels 1-3 are targeted at sales individuals who want to maximise their knowledge and skills to a high standard. Along with having the ability to discuss and present on the ever-changing solutions around tech security.

NSE Levels 1 and 2 are open to the public so to become a digital security expert and keep your network safe, whether at home or work, go to



TOPICS: Breach, Cloud, Fortinet, Ransomware, Cyber security

Written By: Catherine Condon

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