My personal experience of the on-premise to cloud transition


In this blog, Lewis Andrews, a member of the procurement team at Doherty, shares his personal experience of transitioning to the cloud and the benefits of embracing change.

Although I consider myself a forward thinker, always wanting to get to grips with the latest IT can offer, my switch from on-premise work to the cloud, was quite a challenge.

When I first started my job in Procurement at Doherty, I was completely against storing all my local information in the cloud. Instead, I would store it all locally and attach my work via email and send it off. Cloud applications such as OneDrive, OneNote and SharePoint seemed very alien to me. Their setup requirements, syncing issues and new working processes, all seemed far less efficient to what I was used to.

All my life I was used to storing files locally on my PC or even the on-premise server. I found it difficult to change this way of thinking, I had been taught to work in this way for most of my life, and change seemed unnecessary… not to mention a little bit scary.

However, over 6 months I quickly started to find many benefits to moving my information in to the cloud. I’d like to share with you four of my favourites benefits:

1. Remote Working

A real eye opener was the ability to work anywhere. For example, if I worked on a Word document in the office and saved it into my OneDrive I then could access it on my phone to make changes and even continue working from home if needed.

Like the 75 percent of millenials finding remote work beneficial to their productivity, I too noticed vast improvement in my work.

Storing your files in the cloud means every PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet can become your desk if need be. This became very useful when I was snowed in over December, or when rail disruptions meant I could not get into work.



2. Work collaboration

At Doherty there are many cases where we must work together on a document before sending it out to the customer. It can be very frustrating when you must keep passing one document from one PC to another via e-mail, or have 5 people surrounding you on one PC to finish off a document.

By storing the document in SharePoint, it allowed me and my colleagues to access, add and change the document simultaneously. This saved us all a lot of time and meant we were always looking at the most up to date version. Furthermore, it kept versions of the document saved as well in case we needed to recover any older versions.

3. Centralised storage

Having your documents stored in one place is very useful, especially if you want to find some work that somebody else has done. For example, if one of my colleagues went on annual leave and I needed to find some work he had done, by storing the document in the cloud, accessing the document would be easy. By contrast, If the file was stored on their PC or Laptop it would be very difficult to access the information and could slow down the entire team.

4. Limited data loss

It is an unfortunate fact that one day your PC or Laptop hard drive will fail. It might be in two years or ten years, but all hardware will wear out over time. This no doubt will cause disruption to your work, lose your important data, or in some extreme cases damage your company in some way.

By storing your files in the cloud, it means this will never happen again. If my PC was destroyed today, I could move desk and power on another PC or laptop with internet connection and with little effort be back up and working again.

Never looking back

I’ve found so many benefits from migrating to the cloud. From becoming more agile in my working day, to collaborating easily with my team, to safeguarding our most important data, cloud computing has revolutionised my work.

While I of all people can appreciate that change can be daunting, making the switch to the cloud is a decision you won’t regret. If you’re looking for advice on revolutionising your business, why not give us a call or arrange a meeting with a member of our team?


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Written By: Doherty

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