Skype for Business - 5 Things You Should Be Using

1. Instant Messaging

Use the instant messaging feature to send live messages to both colleagues inside your organisation and those outside your company using the Skype directory containing over 300 million users

2. One Click to Dial

No more typing in numbers, simply hover over your contact, right click and dial. Doing this also gives you the option to send an email, start a video call, instant message and schedule a meeting.

3. Sharing Documents

Share your screen with two or more participants and interact with live demos. Simply drag multiple file types for seamless collaboration and editing by both parties.

4. Video Calls

Skype for Business hasn’t forgotten its roots and Video is firmly baked into the client. Use this feature to video conference locally and internationally and collaborate across your network.

5. Desktop Sharing

By far my favorite feature, the ability to share your desktop with colleagues and clients allowing for full interaction, demos and live presentations


To know more about Skype for Business and to request a live demonstration call our team on 02089871150


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Written By: Jacob

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