The hidden cost of IT downtime in law firms

Posted by Doherty on 12-Dec-2017 08:00:00

IT downtime is costly. In fact, it can cost a business more than £228,000 an hour, according to Gartner. For a law firm, downtime can mean bigger...

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Tags: Legal, IT

The TalkTalk Hack - How safe is your data?

Posted by Jacob on 30-Oct-2015 10:32:05

TalkTalk was hit by a major cyber-attack last week. This cyber-attack led to customer’s personal data and banking details being easily accessed. This...

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Tags: Breach, Data, IT, IT Services, Security

IT Support - why does it matter?

Posted by Jacob on 20-Oct-2015 13:35:38

In this modern age of IT literacy and increasingly widespread technical ability, we often get asked the question: “Why do I need IT support?” The way...

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Tags: 24/7, Doherty Associates, IT, IT Services, IT Support, monitoring

IT acronyms explained

Posted by Jacob on 14-Sep-2015 10:14:41

Our industry is filled with acronyms and abbreviations. Some of these make sense immediately, but some of them can take a little bit more time to...

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Tags: acronyms, IT, IT Services, IT Support

Your productivity, security and expenditure shouldn't depend on anything else

Posted by Jacob on 27-Aug-2015 16:35:28

“It depends.” What a non-committal, unhelpful response that is. To any question, “it depends” is very rarely the answer that anybody is looking for....

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Tags: Apple, Cloud, costs, IT, IT Services, Office 365, productivity, Security

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