DLP in Office 365

Posted by Jacob on 08-Mar-2016 16:10:20

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a strategy for making sure that end users do not send any sensitive or critical information outside the corporate...

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Tags: Compliance, Data Loss Prevention, DLP, IT Services, Office 365, Security

5 Killer benefits from working remotely

Posted by Jacob on 26-Feb-2016 10:28:35

Did you know over 14 million people in Britain want to work flexibly? Flexible working can take many forms – part time working, term time working,...

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Tags: Cloud, IT Services, Microsoft, Office 365, productivity, Remote, working remotely

Why you should move your business into the Cloud

Posted by Jacob on 02-Feb-2016 09:44:33

There is a major shift in the world of enterprise technology happening right now. Many businesses are trading in their traditional focus and...

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Tags: Cloud, Email, IT Services, Office 365

5 Tips for password security

Posted by Jacob on 13-Jan-2016 13:29:33


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Tags: IT Services, Security

How can I be sure my document is saved?

Posted by Jacob on 27-Nov-2015 11:43:00

For lots of us, our abiding memory of creating a document in Microsoft Word is the lurking fear that we would lose all of our work because we forgot...

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Tags: Cloud, IT Services, Office 365, productivity, Saved documents, Sharing documents

Work Smarter on your Mobile Device

Posted by Jacob on 06-Nov-2015 10:06:54

It’s finally time to embrace your mobile device as an effective working tool.

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Tags: Cloud, IT Services, Mobile Working, Office 365, Technology, working remotely

The TalkTalk Hack - How safe is your data?

Posted by Jacob on 30-Oct-2015 10:32:05

TalkTalk was hit by a major cyber-attack last week. This cyber-attack led to customer’s personal data and banking details being easily accessed. This...

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Tags: Breach, Data, IT, IT Services, Security

The 'Whale' Fraud Attack

Posted by Jacob on 28-Oct-2015 10:26:58

The goal of whaling is to trick someone into disclosing personal or corporate information through social engineering and/or email spoofing. The...

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Tags: Fraud, IT Services, IT Support, Security

IT Support - why does it matter?

Posted by Jacob on 20-Oct-2015 13:35:38

In this modern age of IT literacy and increasingly widespread technical ability, we often get asked the question: “Why do I need IT support?” The way...

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Tags: 24/7, Doherty Associates, IT, IT Services, IT Support, monitoring

Technology Hotspot – Three things you might not have known about Outlook

Posted by Jacob on 07-Oct-2015 11:20:39
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Tags: Cloud, IT Services, Office 365, Outbox, Outlook, Technology

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