Fortinet NSE 3 Accreditation & Microsoft Training completed by Sales Support Administrator, Joshua Luthwaite 

Posted by Catherine Condon on 04-Jun-2020 15:47:08

We are pleased to announce that Sales Support Administrator, Joshua Luthwaite, has achieved his Fortinet NSE 3 accreditation, as well as gaining...

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Tags: IT Support

How the WannaCry attack underlines the importance of IT support

Posted by Jacob on 18-May-2017 11:56:13

The spread of the WannaCry ransomware has slowed since this weekend, but the catastrophic effects it left behind remain, and should serve as a...

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Tags: Cyber risks, Cybercrime, IT Support, Microsoft, Cyber security

Do you need 24-hour IT support?

Posted by Jacob on 12-May-2017 10:02:53

If you are considering which IT support company to opt for then there can be a wide variance in the levels of support offered. Some offer 24/7/365...

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Tags: IT Support

24 Hour IT Support - why real people matter

Posted by Jacob on 01-Sep-2016 11:32:56

Despite predictions by Gartner at the back end of the ‘credit crunch’ in 2010, the number of IT managed service providers in London is growing each...

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Tags: 24 hour support, 25 Years, IT Services, IT Support, Microsoft, MSP

Why is unification important when choosing an IT support provider?

Posted by Jacob on 15-Jun-2016 11:00:33

One of the most common decisions that our customers make is to use multiple providers for their IT needs. The process of dealing with a range of...

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Tags: Cloud, Efficiency, IT Services, IT Support, Unificiation

The 'Whale' Fraud Attack

Posted by Jacob on 28-Oct-2015 10:26:58

The goal of whaling is to trick someone into disclosing personal or corporate information through social engineering and/or email spoofing. The...

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Tags: Fraud, IT Services, IT Support, Security

Our KL Office - the 24/7 operation

Posted by Jacob on 23-Oct-2015 15:25:55

We as a company have always understood the importance and value of true 24/7 IT support. That’s why back in 2009, CEO, Terry Doherty made a decision...

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Tags: 24/7, Doherty Associates, IT Support, KL

IT Support - why does it matter?

Posted by Jacob on 20-Oct-2015 13:35:38

In this modern age of IT literacy and increasingly widespread technical ability, we often get asked the question: “Why do I need IT support?” The way...

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Tags: 24/7, Doherty Associates, IT, IT Services, IT Support, monitoring

Doherty Associates anniversary – 24 years

Posted by Jacob on 21-Sep-2015 09:53:58

This Saturday, 19th September 2015, we celebrated our 24th year in business. In that time we have grown into one of the leading IT solution providers...

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Tags: 24/7, Cloud, Doherty Associates, IT Services, IT Support, Office 365

IT acronyms explained

Posted by Jacob on 14-Sep-2015 10:14:41

Our industry is filled with acronyms and abbreviations. Some of these make sense immediately, but some of them can take a little bit more time to...

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Tags: acronyms, IT, IT Services, IT Support

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