What's New in Microsoft Teams - July 2020

Posted by Wavenet on 14-Jul-2020 11:49:59

Innovative and Intuitive, always knowing what we want before we want it. More new Microsoft Teams features are here!

Throughout the recent months,...

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Tags: Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams

The Significance of Microsoft Teams in Remote Working

Posted by Catherine Condon on 26-May-2020 12:37:39

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one collaboration and communication toolcontinuing to play a significant role in remote working environments. ...

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Tags: SharePoint, Sharing documents, Microsoft 365

Three Key Benefits of SharePoint

Posted by Catherine Condon on 21-May-2020 12:10:19

As remote working continues to become the new norm, IT leaders are looking for more ways to increase business productivity. As part of the Office 365...

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Tags: SharePoint, Sharing documents, Microsoft 365

Doherty Associates appoints Steven Simpson as Presales Manager

Posted by Catherine Condon on 01-May-2020 10:14:04

Doherty Associates are delighted to appoint Steven Simpson as Presales Manager.

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Mi Crow added to Doherty Associates' service offering

Posted by Catherine Condon on 03-Jan-2020 14:57:39


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How to overcome 4 common BYOD security threats with Microsoft 365

Posted by Doherty on 24-Jan-2019 12:56:00

Flexible working is starting to become the norm in UK businesses, with 45 percent of companies employing a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy.

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5 Windows 10 tips to help you maximise your investment

Posted by Doherty on 17-Jan-2019 14:23:00


Just under 700 million people run Windows 10 worldwide. However, as with most innovative technology, not everyone is getting the same benefits.

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Tags: windows 10, Microsoft 365

Enterprise mobility suite: a quick-fire guide for busy CEO

Posted by Doherty on 10-Jan-2019 09:02:00

If you’re not already using Enterprise Mobility Management in your business, the chances are you soon will be. With 59 percent of companies allowing...

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Tags: Security, modern workplace, Microsoft 365

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