Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Posted by Jacob on 05-May-2016 07:28:25

In 2011, there were 1.25 billion Windows users. In 2016, we aren’t quite sure of how this figure has risen, but a tool from data analytics company...

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Tags: Azure Rights Management, Cloud First, EMS, Microsoft, Mobile First, Upgrade, windows 10

5 Killer benefits from working remotely

Posted by Jacob on 26-Feb-2016 10:28:35

Did you know over 14 million people in Britain want to work flexibly? Flexible working can take many forms – part time working, term time working,...

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Tags: Cloud, IT Services, Microsoft, Office 365, productivity, Remote, working remotely

Top 10 reasons to move to Office 365

Posted by Jacob on 12-Feb-2016 10:35:14

Moving to the Cloud is becoming more attractive to SMEs who are looking to maximise their productivity. You can make the move by purchasing a licence...

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Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, Office 365

Office 365 - the new E5 plan

Posted by Jacob on 11-Nov-2015 10:01:17

Microsoft are to remove one of the high end Office 365 licenses by replacing it with a new and improved offering to be released before the end of...

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Tags: Cloud, E5, Microsoft, Office 365

2 Minute Digest: Office 365 – Plans of Action for enterprises

Posted by Jacob on 18-Sep-2015 09:18:59

In this article, we are retaining our focus on Office 365 plans, but highlighting instead the benefits of Microsoft’s Enterprise plans. Enterprise...

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Tags: Cloud, Enterprise, IT Services, Microsoft, Office 365, Plans

Analyse, interpret and understand your data with Power BI

Posted by Jacob on 14-Aug-2015 10:38:50

Power BI is an app in Office 365 which seeks to provide information to its users through data analysis and presentation, allowing them to gain a...

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Tags: Analyse, Cloud, Data, IT Services, Microsoft, Office 365, Power BI

The Sales Director's "Holiday" - Office 365 To The Rescue

Posted by Jacob on 12-Aug-2015 15:16:25

He finally made the time to pull away from all those numbers and targets and take out some time for himself… or so he thought.

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Tags: 24x7, business continuity, Cloud, collaboration, competitive advantage, features, flexibility, Microsoft, Office 365, Outlook, phones/tablets, productivity, S4B, Skype for Business, SMEs, time saving, working remotely

Office Lens In A Nutshell

Posted by Jacob on 12-Aug-2015 09:59:37

In a nutshell - how Office Lens will transform the way you work!

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Tags: 24x7, Cloud, collaboration, competitive advantage, flexibility, information, Microsoft, Office 365, Office Lens, OneDrive, productivity, time saving, windows, working remotely

Office 365 and Office 2016 – what’s the difference?

Posted by Jacob on 07-Aug-2015 11:46:53

Disclaimer: This blog was written in 2015, a few months before the release of Office 2016. We've since returned to the topic with a more in-depth...

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Tags: Cloud, IT Services, Microsoft, Office 2016, Office 365

Microsoft advancement of OneDrive might be the best yet

Posted by Jacob on 05-Aug-2015 11:07:35

OneDrive has become a crucial cog in the Microsoft wheel, and in the recently released Windows 10, it’s baked straight into the operating system. As...

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Tags: Cloud, IT Services, Microsoft, Office 365, OneDrive, windows 10

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