IT Support - why does it matter?

Posted by Jacob on 20-Oct-2015 13:35:38

In this modern age of IT literacy and increasingly widespread technical ability, we often get asked the question: “Why do I need IT support?” The way...

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Tags: 24/7, Doherty Associates, IT, IT Services, IT Support, monitoring

IT Security breaches affecting UK businesses – The facts and figures

Posted by Jacob on 21-Oct-2014 09:52:59

The UK government, department for business innovation & skills this year released their survey results on ‘2014 Information Security breaches.’

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Tags: information, IT Services, monitoring, Security

True 24/7 IT Support

Posted by Terry Doherty on 14-Aug-2014 14:44:25

Today it seems that nearly all IT support companies offer 24/7 support to their clients, but often without defining exactly what that means. With so...

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Tags: 24x7, competitive advantage, flexibility, IT Services, monitoring, SMEs, support

24 Hour Support In Action

Posted by Terry Doherty on 22-Apr-2014 10:00:29

Benjamin Franklin told us there were but two certainties in life: Death and taxes. I would add a third, specifically relevant to businesses in the...

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Tags: 24x7, business continuity, disaster recovery, IT Services, monitoring, support, time saving

The 24 Hour Office

Posted by Terry Doherty on 02-Apr-2014 15:34:44

An office used to be a purely physical entity. Bricks and mortar, straight backed chair, the same computer and the same four walls, 8 hours a day,...

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Tags: 24x7, business continuity, international, IT Support, monitoring, productivity, SMEs, support, working remotely

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