Mi Crow added to Doherty Associates' service offering

Posted by Catherine Condon on 03-Jan-2020 14:57:39


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Workplace productivity: 12 ways Microsoft technology can shorten your working day

Posted by Doherty on 07-May-2018 10:59:00

More than three quarters of companies worldwide have adopted flexible working practices. Mostly, this is a bid to manage an increasingly complex...

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Tags: Microsoft, Office 365, modern workplace

4 team collaboration tools you need to make the modern workplace a reality

Posted by Doherty on 26-Apr-2018 16:02:00

By 2025, millennials will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce and with them they’ll bring fresh outlook to working practices. Implementing...

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Tags: Microsoft, Office 365, modern workplace

Cyber security measures: 5 Ingenious ways Office 365 protects your data

Posted by Doherty on 29-Mar-2018 16:04:00


With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) deadline fast approaching businesses are working to make their data practices compliant. And...

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Tags: Office 365, GDPR

Office 365 migration: how to get more out of your investment

Posted by Doherty on 19-Feb-2018 09:52:00

There’s no denying it. The world loves Office 365. Out of hundreds of cloud applications, Office 365 tops the 25 most popular SaaS apps list for...

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Tags: Office 365, Sharing documents, time saving

9 ways to improve business efficiency with office 365

Posted by Doherty on 06-Feb-2018 09:29:00

Productivity in the UK is plummeting. Erratic management, static working conditions and poor communication have all been cited as causes for low...

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Can Office 365 add value for private equity firms?

Posted by Doherty on 29-Dec-2017 13:43:00


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Protect Your Business: Cyber Security an Increasingly Important Issue for SMEs

Posted by Doherty on 27-Dec-2017 15:00:00

A recent article in Computer Weekly has revealed that, a large proportion of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) see technological vulnerabilities as...

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Tags: Cloud, disaster recovery, hybrid, Office 365, Security, SMEs, Terry Doherty's Blog

Introduce remote working to your business this Christmas

Posted by Doherty on 21-Dec-2017 02:18:32

The snow that has fallen in the UK over the past few days, has as ever, brought with it the usual challenges and disruptions. Transport disruptions...

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Tags: Office 365, Remote, working remotely, cloud solutions

5 common Office 365 migration pitfalls to avoid

Posted by Jacob on 05-Jun-2017 10:00:00

Get the ROI you expect when migrating to Office 365 by avoiding these 5 common mistakes.

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