10 tools for improving collaboration and productivity in law firms

Posted by Doherty on 21-Dec-2017 02:07:18

Do lawyers in your firm regularly put in more than 40 hours a week? Is overwork itself having a negative impact on productivity?

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Tags: Legal, productivity

25 Tips from 25 Years of Experience

Posted by Jacob on 16-Sep-2016 15:01:52

On September 19th this year, we will celebrate our 25th year in the IT industry. We’ve seen some incredible transformations in technology and the...

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Tags: 25 Years, Experience, IT Services, Organisational Insight, productivity, Security

25 Years of the World Wide Web

Posted by Jacob on 25-Aug-2016 09:42:28

On August 23rd 1991, Tim Berners-Lee made the World Wide Web available to the public, setting the wheels in motion for a technological revolution...

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Tags: 25 Years, Connectivity, Internaut Day, Internet, IT Services, productivity, World Wide Web

Doherty at WPC 2016 - Day One

Posted by Jacob on 12-Jul-2016 17:12:44

We have just arrived in the city of Toronto for this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference. The annual conference is a fantastic opportunity for...

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Tags: Cloud, Doherty at WPC 2016, Microsoft, productivity, support, WPC 2016

5 Killer benefits from working remotely

Posted by Jacob on 26-Feb-2016 10:28:35

Did you know over 14 million people in Britain want to work flexibly? Flexible working can take many forms – part time working, term time working,...

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Tags: Cloud, IT Services, Microsoft, Office 365, productivity, Remote, working remotely

How can I be sure my document is saved?

Posted by Jacob on 27-Nov-2015 11:43:00

For lots of us, our abiding memory of creating a document in Microsoft Word is the lurking fear that we would lose all of our work because we forgot...

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Tags: Cloud, IT Services, Office 365, productivity, Saved documents, Sharing documents

Your productivity, security and expenditure shouldn't depend on anything else

Posted by Jacob on 27-Aug-2015 16:35:28

“It depends.” What a non-committal, unhelpful response that is. To any question, “it depends” is very rarely the answer that anybody is looking for....

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Tags: Apple, Cloud, costs, IT, IT Services, Office 365, productivity, Security

Skype for Business - 5 Things You Should Be Using

Posted by Jacob on 17-Aug-2015 09:53:56

1. Instant Messaging

Use the instant messaging feature to send live messages to both colleagues inside your organisation and those outside your...

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Tags: business continuity, Cloud, collaboration, competitive advantage, features, flexibility, information, IT Support, Office 365, productivity, S4B, Skype for Business, SMEs

The Sales Director's "Holiday" - Office 365 To The Rescue

Posted by Jacob on 12-Aug-2015 15:16:25

He finally made the time to pull away from all those numbers and targets and take out some time for himself… or so he thought.

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Tags: 24x7, business continuity, Cloud, collaboration, competitive advantage, features, flexibility, Microsoft, Office 365, Outlook, phones/tablets, productivity, S4B, Skype for Business, SMEs, time saving, working remotely

Office Lens In A Nutshell

Posted by Jacob on 12-Aug-2015 09:59:37

In a nutshell - how Office Lens will transform the way you work!

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Tags: 24x7, Cloud, collaboration, competitive advantage, flexibility, information, Microsoft, Office 365, Office Lens, OneDrive, productivity, time saving, windows, working remotely

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