Work Smarter on your Mobile Device

It’s finally time to embrace your mobile device as an effective working tool.

The massive leap to mobile has created countless opportunities for workers to be more productive. People can now work from anywhere, whenever they want to. This has allowed instant communication with whomever they choose around the world, and be "on" whenever they want to. Companies are enthusiastic at the idea of having access to employees who can contribute, share, and collaborate via mobile—including after office hours and even abroad!

You can now get office 365 on your phone by downloading the app. Microsoft have made a mobile compatible app as they understand mobile working has become more popular. The mobile office app has allowed flexible working. Employees are no longer confined to the office to a nine to five schedule. They can access documents, emails, messages etc from their mobile device at anytime from anywhere. Office 365 provides access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and various other Microsoft solutions in the Cloud, giving mobile workers the opportunity to be as productive as possible.

5 benefits of mobile working

1. Constant availability - Access work files and documents from almost any location and keep in constant contact with the office.

2. Productive working - Workers are likely to be much more effective using devices they know and understand, as opposed to those issued by the company.

3. Reduced commuting time - The availability of mobile technology means they have the option of working from home or another remote location.

4. Business Continuity – Should the company face some form of disaster, providing everything has been backed up and can be accessed online, employees should be able to continue working.

5. Improved customer service - customers expect a rapid response to enquiries, complaints and other communications. So employees having access to mobile solutions means they can check emails regularly and help solve problems quicker.

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Written By: Jacob

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