Optimise your Business’s IT with the Experts

When you walk in to your office in the morning you turn on the light switch and expect the lights to work. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with IT that works in the same way. You do not care how the lights work or about all the infrastructure behind it – you just want it to work, and if the light bulb needs replacing you want someone to do that too. IT should be a similar resource for your organisation.

At Doherty we know this is achievable given our two decades of supporting our clients’ IT environments but we really want to go beyond this simple philosophy to a point where the IT systems empower your employees to be more effective, more collaborative and ultimately more productive for your organisation.

Doherty’s consultants and project managers combine IT expertise with business acumen and whilst they are IT experts they are also best placed to help you to understand how using IT effectively can enhance your whole organisation. Their knowledge comes from listening to and understanding how our customers want to work and we use this knowledge to develop solutions that are applicable to our customers’ real business needs.

Such is our consultants’ understanding and IT expertise that we have become trusted advisors not just to our customers but also to our vendor partners. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are exposed to the latest new technologies before they are available publicly. We work with them to provide feedback on their offerings, often before many in the IT industry are even aware of those new technologies.

We are constantly monitoring the IT landscape and internally trialling new technologies as they emerge. We innovate and combine technologies to deliver solutions that can really benefit our customers’ bottom line. Rest assured though that whilst we will advise and consult with you via proactive account management we will only look to install innovative solutions based on sound advice and planning with you, when you are ready. The result should always be you, your employees and ultimately your organisation, seeing business optimisation and growth.

  • Business Requirements analysis
  • Trusted and proactive advisor
  • Good advice and planning for you to get the most out of new and/or your existing technologies
  • Innovative solutions
  • Expert at reducing IT risks in business
  • Defining roadmaps to make IT spending predictable
  • Installation of new solutions includes internal support documentation and optional training
  • We suggest better ways to use the technology you have
  • Complete IT outsourcing


Why Choose Doherty?

  • Over 20 years of experience working with companies from all industry sectors

  •  Dedicated, highly qualified consultants with a business view of how to get IT to work for you

  • Bespoke designed solutions using the most trusted of vendor partners to empower your employees to do more

  • Professional and friendly business-centric experts who are passionate about providing best-practice consulting on any scale and who are ready to take your call