Phoenix Equity Partners


Phoenix Equity Partners are a private equity firm headquartered in London. Like most organisations in their space, they are focused on innovation and modernisation in an effort to leverage technology to help them stay ahead of the curve. As a private equity firm, it’s not only crucial that Phoenix Equity are using the latest technology but also that their information is secure and retrievable whenever it’s needed.

Doherty Associates started by migrating their on-premises infrastructure into the Microsoft Cloud, including an Office 365 email migration, and collated the contents of seven physical servers and kept what was necessary on a single server in their office.

Doherty assisted Phoenix Equity Partners in setting up their new office with updated PCs and laptops, as well as installing state of the art firewalls to ensure that confidential information was protected. We worked with local internet service providers to get the fastest possible connection into the building and delivered new tablet devices such as iPads and Microsoft Surfaces.
Phoenix Equity’s team are now working more effectively with the help of the latest technology. Their new devices allow them more flexibility, whilst still using tools they are familiar with.

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