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Cyber Security priorities for investment firms

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In July 2024, we ran an extensive study of 50 UK investment firms to understand their current cyber security posture.

This eBook presents the research to enable firms to benchmark against their peers and gain insights into best practices, along with actionable advice to enhance their cyber security strategy.

We focus on the essential areas that SMB leaders in the investment industry need to understand to get started or update their strategies, explaining key terms and concepts in plain English.

Each section follows a clear, digestible structure to help you quickly absorb and apply the information:

  • Are you here? – Benchmark your firm against similar investment SMBs.
  • Best practice – Advice on improving your cyber security measures.
  • If you only do one thing – The best place to start if you’re time-poor.
  • Next steps – Key actions to enhance your cyber security.

We hope you enjoy the read.

Download eBook here

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