Date & venue: Thursday 19th March 2020, 10:00am

Doherty Associates, 3 Water Lane, Richmond, London TW9 1TJ


How do you share and manage content, knowledge and applications? 

  • SharePoint Online is a cloud-based platform within Office 365
  • It provides an extensive range of collaborative and creative capabilities enabling organisations to share, manage and access information from almost any device
  • SharePoint Online allows you to customise built-in applications whilst enabling you to create and share tasks, calendars, contacts, and content lists
  • SharePoint Online also has document management capabilities, including records management, compliance settings and workflows
  • Join us on Thursday 19th March 2020 to improve your business efficiency through SharePoint online by discovering its capabilities

Why should you attend?

Register today to join fellow business owners and managers to learn from industry professionals to learn about:

  • Creating an Office SharePoint Online site
  • Introduction to SharePoint Online
  • The role of SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint key concepts
  • Governing business information within SharePoint Online
  • Encouragement of a culture of engagement and collaboration
  • Enhancement of productivity
  • Prevention of falling behind in technology


There will be an emphasis on practical takeaways and advice to guide delegates in how to use technology to securely boost the productivity of their people. 

Please use the form on this page to reserve a place at our next briefing. Places are limited and subject to confirmation by Doherty Associates. 

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