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What data do we collect? 

We store the following information about you as part of your employment with us: 

- Name 
- Job title 
- Salary 
- Home address 
- Personal phone number 
- Personal email address 
- Next of kin details 
- Medical details 
- National Insurance number 
- Bank details 
- Sickness details 

For DBS checks we may also collect: 

- Passport information 
- Driving Licence  
- Residence history 
- Bank and utility statements 

In addition we may collect health data in order to comply with discrimination legislation. 


How we use your data 

We use this information to pay our staff, to operate our staff appraisal process and to comply with appropriate legislation for employment of staff.  As we work with schools we also perform DBS checks on all staff in the UK that may need to visit a school. 


Our Legal basis 

Some data collection is part of our contract with our staff.  We are also obliged to collect and retain information to comply with employment law. 


Third Parties 

We may pass data to our HR advisers, our payroll provider and our provider of DBS checking. 


Data Location 

Personal data held about you is held either at our offices in London, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.  EU locations are used for Microsoft services.  Data locations for our sub-processors can be found at www.doherty.co.uk/sub-processors


Is the data transferred abroad? 



How long we keep the data for? 

Data on current staff is retained for as long as your employment with us continues. 


How we safeguard your data 

We use appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard your data including: 

- Multi-factor authentication on all systems that allow access to personal data 
- Staff have access to only data appropriate to perform their roles 
- Access audit logging for systems containing personal data 
- Strong data encryption at rest 
- Where appropriate, encryption of data in use 
- Closed-circuit television 
- 24/7 Security guards 
- Strong physical access controls to systems containing personal data