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What data do we collect? 

We collect the following information from job applicants as part of the application process 

- Name 
- Employment history 
- Salary details 
- Contact details of referees 

We may also collect information as part of taking up references: 

- Dates of employment 
- Job title 
- Details of sickness 
- Personal statements about you from referees 

In addition we collect any other information that is included as part of cover letters, curriculum vitae, any information disclosed during interview and information passed to us by employment agencies.  


How we use your data 

We use this to select candidates for employment. 


Our Legal basis 

This data is collected as part of our legitimate interest as part of operating the business. 


Third Parties 

If we offer you employment we will seek employment referees from you.  You will need to obtain consent from your referees to provide references. 


Data Location 

Personal data held about you is held either at our offices in London, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.  EU locations are used for Microsoft services.  Data locations for our sub-processors can be found at www.doherty.co.uk/sub-processors


Is the data transferred abroad? 



How long we keep the data for? 

Data on candidates that are not successful at interview is held for 1 year after interview in case we wish to contact you for other opportunities and in case of legal claims. 


How we safeguard your data 

We use appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard your data including: 

- Multi-factor authentication on all systems that allow access to personal data 
- Staff have access to only data appropriate to perform their roles 
- Access audit logging for systems containing personal data 
- DBS checks 
- Strong data encryption at rest 
- Where appropriate, encryption of data in use 
- Closed-circuit television 
- 24/7 Security guards 
- Strong physical access controls to systems containing personal data