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Terry Doherty

Terry Doherty founded the company in September 1991, starting in a serviced office with the aim of building a managed services business.


Terry is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Doherty Associates. Now in its 25th year, the organisation has multi-country presence, a global client base and a team of more than 70 people working round the clock.

The business initially specialised in providing IT to cruise ships in the 1990’s where remote technology support for was a novel concept. He then applied these learnings to other industries operating in inaccessible locations, such as mining and oil and gas companies. Under Terry’s leadership, the company’s cloud customer portfolio has quadrupled in the last three years and now spans across most industries and includes purely cloud and hybrid solutions.

Terry is known in the industry for his entrepreneurial nature, as acknowledged in the UK Technology Parliamentary Review published by the UK Government last year. True to his style, he was one of the early adopters to set up an Microsoft Cloud practice, and the company is now in its 12th year as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Terry is a keen photographer and golfer. He lives in Chiswick, London, and has two children.

Caleb Mills
Caleb Mills
Technical Director


Caleb is the Technical Director at Doherty Associates. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Caleb ensures DA choose and develop the best products and solutions in which to specialise and recommend. Caleb joined DA in 2007, and comes from a background as a field engineer and consultant. He has always had a focus on business outcomes and user adoption, and Caleb has driven adoption of cloud and hybrid solutions at Doherty Associates both internally and throughout the customer base. He continues to work closely with Doherty Associates’ customers to help them leverage the capabilities of new technologies as they emerge. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys golf, playing guitar, and spending time with his daughter.

Richard Jones
Richard Jones
Sales Director


Richard is the Sales Director at Doherty Associates, overseeing all Sales and Marketing activity. Over the course of a 20 year career Richard has held positons with responsibility for Procurement, Sales and Strategy. His key achievements include building and running a multinational Sales Team which grew revenue by 1000%, and went from selling technology to SMEs to servicing some of the largest companies in the world. Richard is an advocate of a consultative sales approach where the customer’s needs always come first, and he is passionate about helping businesses to achieve their objectives through the use of technology. In his spare time he has a busy family life and is a qualified football coach, hoping one day to take charge at Reading FC!

Owen Morris
Owen Morris
Head of Cloud Apps


Owen is the Head of Cloud Apps at Doherty Associates, and has been at the company since January 2014. Prior to that, he worked as a Transition Project Manager at Capgemini and Logica for more than a decade, where his focus was on delivering a high quality service to new customers. Owen is developing our portfolio of cloud applications to improve our clients’ productivity and data visibility, and is managing the delivery of these applications to ensure that our customers reap the benefits as quickly as possible. As a parent of a young child, Owen’s spare time consists mostly of picking up toys and singing nursery rhymes, but occasionally he is able enjoy running, cooking and brewing beer.

James mitchell
James Mitchell
Account Director


James is the Account Director at Doherty Associates. Having been with the company from year one, James has overseen a phenomenal transition in the industry and in our business, and is proud to still look after some of the clients who have been with us from the beginning. James seeks to understand the inner workings of his customers, focusing on real business issues rather than explaining different parts of technology. He understands that organisations want IT to work and be an enabler for them, and he knows that understanding the goals and processes of our customers is key to making this happen. James is a passionate Aston Villa fan and lives with his wife in Chiswick, London.


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Wan Jye Chow
Regional Director


Wan Jye is the Regional Director in Kuala Lumpur. Wan Jye oversees the day to day management of our Kuala Lumpur office and is responsible for the efficiency of our operations. Wan Jye works closely with Subha to ensure we are providing the support our clients deserve and to help improve our offering based on our customer feedback.
Subha Subramaniam
Project Delivery Manager


Subha is the Project Delivery Manager in Kuala Lumpur. Subha works alongside Caleb and Owen and offers the consulting expertise that our customers need outside of UK business hours. Subha has experience in both management and engineering roles, and also works closely with Han How to optimise our 24 hour support service.

Han How Sim
KL Service Desk Manager


Han How is the Service Desk Manager in Kuala Lumpur. Han How works alongside Subha to ensure that our out of hours support offering is meeting and exceeding our customers’ demands. Han How is also responsible for the technical management and client systems monitoring in our 24/7 Network Operations Centre.