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Securing your business

Today, we are living in a zero-trust world. That’s why you need a security partner you can 100% rely on.

The nature of modern-day cyber crime means that conventional protections such as antivirus software and firewalls are no longer sufficient to keep you safe. Instead, we must ‘assume breach’ and be ready at all times to detect and respond to threats before any damage can be done – either to profits or reputation. And there’s no better partner to call on for this than Doherty Associates.

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Here's how we can help

Cyber security

Our expertise in anticipating risk, preventing breaches, and supporting compliance is deep and wide-ranging. So if you’re looking to protect your IT systems, your bottom line, and your business reputation, we can help.

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Security operations

Our in-house team brings deep expertise to the table. Yet you’ll find we’re refreshingly approachable and dedicated to ensuring that our clients stay safe while meeting their business objectives as well as their legal and regulatory obligations.

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Governance & compliance

When it comes to good governance, it can be highly beneficial if your technology partner has experience of working in highly regulated environments. At Doherty Associates, we have that know-how – and plenty more.

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