Protect your data with Doherty

Staying secure online is challenging. External attacks and internal data breaches can cost your business a lot of time and money. And with the General Data Protection Regulation now enforceable, data security has never been more important.

With our robust approach to online security, your business can stay safe and secure no matter what.

The proactive approach

For threat prevention to be resilient, you must be more than just reactive. You need to anticipate threats before they come and have measures in place to defend against them.

Our dedicated 24/7 security team help you effectively mitigate threats by detecting them early on, ensuring your data remains in your hands.

We provide:

  • Security health checks and customisable audits, including security risk assessments, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing;
  • Secure online backups and data replication to two independent locations in the UK;
  • Layer 7 firewalls and fully integrated anti-virus software;
  • Unified threat management and network security.

Any solution we architect has best practice in mind and helps your business address GDPR concerns to ensure you stay up-to-date with data protection.

For maximum security, we don’t just implement one solution to keep your business safe. We deploy multiple security measures to create a resilient security matrix. That way, should you come under threat, your company can remain safe and sound, allowing you to drive your business forward.


  • Secure online backup which stores two independent copies within UK locations
  • Dedicated network team who specialise in border and wireless security.
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Network security
  • Layer 7 firewalls
  • Fully managed Anti-Virus product
  • Filtering, DLP, anti-virus, and business continuity for email
  • Optimise access restriction to company files and data
  • Information security consultancy


Why Choose Doherty? 

  • Over 20 years of experience working with companies from all industry sectors
  • Dedicated, highly qualified specialists – able to work alongside current IT teams or report directly to management
  • Bespoke designed solutions using vendor products you can trust
  • Professional and friendly customer-centric experts who are passionate about providing best-practice consulting on any scale and who are ready to take your call