What is SmartPath?

We’ve learned that organisations who view technology as a business enabler and who use it with a desired result in mind are more likely to realise the benefits. That’s why we developed the SmartPath prog

Using our SmartPath program we work to understand your business goals and provide forward-looking advice that aligns technology with your objectives.  At its core is the Microsoft Cloud; set up, managed and secured by our 24/7 operation, but beyond that the contents of SmartPath depend entirely on you.  Through consultation with one of our Virtual CIOs we will populate your SmartPath to provide a roadmap for success.         

SmartPath consists of two phases.  These are SmartGo and SmartPath.


SmartGo is a 90-day programme designed to help us understand your business; its people, its processes and its desired outcomes. It does this by combining:

  • Information gathering
  • Baseline assessment
  • Application deployment
  • Initial optimisation
  • Future planning and proofing


Once we understand where your business is now, we use SmartPath to build a personalised set of projects derived from your business objectives and a path to achieving them.

Next steps

Contact us to book an initial phone meeting with one of our consultants to find out more and see if SmartPath can help you. 



SmartPath for GDPR

To help our customers comply with GDPR we have developed our SmartPath offering, designed to provide a set of tools, applications and services to help organisations comply with GDPR.

SmartPath includes the latest mobility and cloud innovations needed to protect organisations from threats across data, user access, computers and devices, local and cloud based applications.

How is GDPR affecting your business? 

The GDPR is clear: if an organisation’s activities fall within the scope of the GDPR, then they have a responsibility to meet the requirements of the regulation whether the personal data remains on-premises or in some other cloud or mobile environment.

If you're already working with an IT partner, check out our guide to see if they're the right people to help you navigate GDPR. (Or use these 10 questions as a framework for your conversations with Doherty.)

Download our 10 questions to ask about GDPR


Client Testimonials

“The main reason we chose to join Doherty’s SmartPath program was because of their willingness to understand our business goals and tailor our IT involvement towards achieving them. Doherty’s position as a proactive IT partner as opposed to just offering reactive support, made them a perfect fit for us, especially with the impending GDPR.”