Intelligent data and cyber security

In today’s omni-channel business landscape, data security threats can come from any direction. Both external and internal threats leave your company at risk and, with the General Data Protection Regulation now in effect, a proactive data security strategy has never been more important.

We design security solutions which anticipate threats and mitigate them before they cause irreversible damage to your IT systems, bottom line and business reputation

Our goal is to keep your business secure, compliant and operational, regardless of threat severity.

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We deploy multiple security measures to create a resilient security matrix.


Security health checks and customisable audits (including security risk assessments, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing)

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Secure online backups and data replication to two independent locations in the UK

Icon-03-Doherty-What-we-do-Layer 7 firewalls-01

Layer 7 firewalls and fully integrated anti-virus software

Icon-04-Doherty-What-we-do-Unified threat management-01-1

Unified threat management and network security

Get data compliant without getting stressed

50% of organisations still leave their business data at risk. Learn how to build a proactive data strategy.

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Cloud migration without the growing pains

More than 80 percent of businesses will have workloads in the cloud by 2020. But moving to a new IT environment is no small task. To get the most out of your investment, you need a solution that streamlines business processes, accelerates your IT and gives you the ability to scale on-demand.

As a leading Microsoft partner for cloud adoption, we’re experts in building and managing public cloud, hybrid and on-premise environments.

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We believe in a tailored approach to cloud transformation.

Icon-05-Doherty-What-we-do-Access to innovative technologies-01

Access to innovative technologies including Microsoft Azure and Office 365

Icon-06-Doherty-flexibility to operate from any location-01

The flexibility to operate from any location

Icon-07-Doherty-what-we-do-Reduced IT infrastructure

Reduced IT infrastructure and maintenance costs

Icon-08-Doherty-what-we-do-On-demand scalability

On-demand scalability and cloud-bursting

Icon-09-Doherty-what-we-do-Increased security

Increased security and threat detection

Icon-10-Doherty-what-we-do-Complete disaster recovery

Complete disaster recovery, managed backup and business continuity

Your pocket book guide to achieving more with Azure

Moving to the cloud isn't enough. Discover how to optimise your Azure environment and drive business innovation.

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The complete Microsoft technology stack

Transform your business securely, reliably and efficiently with the help of a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner. We know our services are only as good as the tech they’re built upon, which is why we only work with the best.

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Microsoft Azure

Ninety Percent of today’s Fortune 500 companies operate in the Microsoft Azure cloud. They know that Microsoft provide the security, scalability, and transparency needed to expand their business, without compromising critical data. With our guidance, you can stay in total control of your Azure environment and take the reins on your journey to the cloud.


Office 365 & Microsoft 365

Today, 45 percent of businesses allow employees to use their own device at work. As more and more companies embrace the modern workspace, Office 365 provides all the tools you need to empower innovative and productive work from anywhere in the world.

With integrated security, access controls and threat detection, you can ensure data, documents and emails remain secure and confidential. And no matter the size of your business, Office 365 scales to meet your own unique demands.



Effective collaboration is the cornerstone of any successful business. Microsoft SharePoint offers a simpler way to build dedicated resource libraries for any project, team or department. You keep important files, sources, data and news in one accessible, central location, while SharePoint ensures effortless and secure collaboration.


Build your roadmap to the modern workplace

Give your employees the tools they need to work smarter. Discover how to transform your current workplace strategy.

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IT support for modern issues

No matter which industry you work in, we’ll deliver the IT support your business needs. Our support technicians know exactly how to handle modern IT issues, whether its routine maintenance or an emergency call-out.

Best of all, we can fix the majority of problems remotely, minimising the disruption to business operations. We’re also here for you 24/7, responding immediately to Priority 1 calls, regardless of time or location.

But don’t just take our word for it – over the past 2 years, we’ve received 98% positive feedback from customers all across the globe.

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We provide a proactive IT support strategy that keeps you in control.

Icon-11-Doherty-what-we-do-7 hotline support

24/7 hotline support

Icon-12-Doherty-what-we-do-ITIL based support model

ITIL based support model

Icon-13-Doherty-what-we-do-management portal-01

Visibility and access to your tickets available through our management portal

Icon-14-Doherty-what-we-do-SLA backed support contract-01

SLA backed support contract

Icon-15-Doherty-what-we-do-Direct support-01

Direct support for end users or in-house IT staff (third line support)

Icon-16-Doherty-what-we-do-Proactive onsite visits

Proactive onsite visits

Icon-17-Doherty-what-we-do-Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

Choose a more strategic IT partner for your business

Learn how to find an IT support company that'll help you succeed in an age of cloud, BYOD and agile working.

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Innovative IT consultancy

No industry is safe from digital disruption. While the growing need for IT transformation is leading to new and exciting business opportunities, you need to know you’re making the right decisions for your organisation.

Our expert consultants will guide you through the process of planning, designing, and implementing your future IT strategy. We’ll not only assist with cost management, but implement projects that take your long-term IT needs into account.

We can either take responsibility for the complete project lifecycle or provide bespoke consultancy to your existing IT team through dedicated account management.

what-we-do-page-illustration-08-Innovative IT consultancy

We work as your Virtual CIO to help you get more from your IT strategy.

Icon-18-sanity check for projects-01

“Sounding board” or sanity check for projects

Icon-19-Doherty-what-we-do-compliance and data quality

Focus on industry-specific requirements such as compliance and data quality

Icon-20-Doherty-what-we-do-Office moves

Office moves (including managing your ISP and other IT Vendors)

Icon-21-Doherty-what-we-do-Virtualisation project management

Virtualisation project management

Icon-22-Doherty-what-we-do-IT integration and implementation

IT integration and implementation

Icon-23-Doherty-what-we-do-Compliance audits

Compliance audits in line with your business sector (such as Microsoft Licensing Audits or PCI DSS compliance)

Icon-24-Doherty-what-we-do-Quality and compliance consultancy

Quality and compliance consultancy

Icon-25-Doherty-what-we-do-IT cost management

IT cost management

Icon-26-Doherty-what-we-IT planning and design

IT planning and design

Icon-27-Doherty-what-we-do-Business continuity strategy

Business continuity strategy

Icon-28-Doherty-what-we-do-Mobile working solutions

Mobile working solutions

Build a bullet-proof IT transformation roadmap

Without the right digital transformation strategy, your business risks falling at the first hurdle. Discover how to build your roadmap to a more efficient IT environment.

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People-powered IT monitoring

We know that disaster can strike at any time, which is why we’re on hand around the clock. Of course, a 24/7 monitoring service is only as good as the people who run it. Our dedicated service desk specialists are on-hand at all hours of the day to proactively monitor, detect and resolve any IT issues.

Using more than 100 different metrics, we constantly take the pulse of your IT systems to ensure your business remains active 365 days a year. 

what-we-do-page-illustration-09-People-powered IT monitoring

We customise our monitoring tools to address your specific business needs.

Icon-29-Doherty-what-we-do-Dedicated human monitoring team

Dedicated human monitoring team

Icon-30-Doherty-what-we-do-Custom monitoring solutions

Custom monitoring solutions

Icon-31-Doherty-what-we-do-Hardware monitoring

Hardware monitoring

Icon-32-Doherty-what-we-do-Email monitoring

Email monitoring

Icon-33-Doherty-what-we-do-Server remote monitoring

Server remote monitoring

Icon-34-Doherty-what-we-do-Managed storage

Managed storage

Icon-35-Doherty-what-we-do-Software monitoring

Software monitoring

Icon-36-Doherty-what-we-do-Transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring

Icon-37-Doherty-what-we-do-VPN and network monitoring

VPN and network monitoring

Icon-38-Doherty-what-we-do-Warranty, antivirus, certificate

Warranty, antivirus, certificate, and domain renewal management

Future-proof network design and installation

If you’re relying on access to cloud services for some or all of your applications, resilient network design and installation is key. Whether your business employs a handful of users in one location or thousands of users worldwide, we have the experience you need to migrate your systems in a controlled and managed way.

In most cases, we will look to optimise your existing system. But in scenarios where performance and security are severely lacking, we will guide you through the process of a full network or server migration.  

what-we-do-page-illustration-10-Future-proof network design and installation

We build resilient networks that stand the test of time.

Icon-39-Doherty-what-we-do-Simple networks

Simple networks right up to large enterprise and ISP level

Icon-40-Doherty-what-we-do-Border security

Border security, firewalls, UTM, Layer 7 firewalling

Icon-41-Doherty-what-we-do-Enterprise wireless

Enterprise wireless, bandwidth optimisation

Icon-42-Doherty-what-we-do-QoS and VOIP, VPN connectivity

QoS and VOIP, VPN connectivity, site to site VPNs

Icon-43-Doherty-what-we-do-7 latency and bandwidth monitoring

24/7 latency and bandwidth monitoring to identify and resolve networking problems

Icon-44-Doherty-what-we-do-Network migrations

Network migrations

Choose the right technology. Set the right goals.


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46 percent of businesses have experienced increased revenue as a result of their digital transformation efforts.

However, without the right strategy or support, your business risks falling at the first hurdle.

To help you out, we’ve put together a guide to building a bullet-proof IT transformation roadmap, which includes everything you’ll need to consider before revamping your business's IT infrastructure.