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Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

When renowned fitness coach Joe Wicks became ‘the nation’s PE teacher’ in lockdown, his popularity soared – and so did demand for his healthy eating and workout plans. The Body Coach team needed a way to upscale quickly, while negotiating the uncertainties of an unfolding pandemic. That’s why they turned to us.


Joe wicks - The Body Coach

After Joe’s much-loved appearances on This Morning and an amazing response to his YouTube workouts, demand for The Body Coach healthy eating and workout plans skyrocketed during lockdown, with thousands of new and eager customers.

This sudden increase in demand required urgent action. So, The Body Coach team turned to Doherty Associates for guidance.

Responding to a sudden surge in popularity

Doherty Associates has been supporting The Body Coach since the early ‘get up and running’ days, initially helping to overhaul their email activity and IT systems. For the past four years, the team has trusted us to provide a variety of essential on-going services, from 24/7 server remote monitoring to a fully managed end-user antivirus solution. And along with improved productivity, The Body Coach appreciate the straightforward way we engage with them, demystifying technology and putting solutions centre-stage.

Just like coronavirus, the pressing need to send out such a large number of tailored healthy eating and workout plans came out of nowhere and called for a dynamic response. So, we pulled out all the stops to help them to scale up and to move on with a sense of confidence, even in such uncertain times.

Helping clients to capitalise on opportunity

Our ability to think and mobilise with speed and agility even as the pandemic unfolded around us was greatly appreciated by the hard-working team at The Body Coach.

And for us, it’s especially satisfying to know that when it comes to getting their IT systems into shape, we’re the people that The Body Coach trusts.

‘Doherty Associates have allowed us to engage with more people more often.’

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Joe Wicks

The Body Coach

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