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Copilot for Microsoft 365

Elevate productivity, creativity and security far beyond ChatGPT with Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Doherty Associates.

Our Microsoft accreditations speak for themselves

Microsoft Solution Partner accreditations: Modern Work; Infrastructure - Azure; Digital & App Innovation - Azure; Data & AI - Azure
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Embrace the AI-powered future of work

AI-powered chat is taking the professional world by storm with solutions like ChatGPT providing custom answers from the internet instead of providing a sea of links. Yet 92% of professionals continue to use consumer versions, unaware of the business sensitive information they may be exposing.

Doherty Associates are at the forefront of helping our clients embed AI-powered Copilot into the Microsoft apps they use every day. Our deep understanding of both M365 and your specific tenant will enable us to get your data in the right shape for Copilot to work effectively and securely. We help you to think about the key use cases for your firm, and the practical adoption and optimisation of Copilot into your daily operations.

What Copilot early adopters are saying


“Helps me get to a good first draft faster”



“Saves time finding what I need in my files”



“Helps me jump-start the creative process”



“Makes me more productive”



“Saves me time on mundane tasks”



“Helps improve the quality of my work or output”


Embed Copilot into the apps you use every day

Microsoft Teams

Effective meetings

  • Quickly catch up on meetings you missed
  • Summarise a meeting and identify next steps
  • Run a more effective meeting
Microsoft Excel

Data analysis

  • Get answers from across all your data
  • Instantly uncover key insights
  • Create powerful and professional visualisations
Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint

Content creation

  • Jumpstart creativity, write and edit like a pro
  • Quickly catch up on the key points of a document or presentation
  • Create documents, presentations, charts and tables
Microsoft Outlook

Email processing

  • Draft email replies instantly
  • Personalise the tone and length, even on the go
  • Quickly summarise a long email thread

How Doherty Associates can help


Allow our experts to assess your AI-readiness and uncover opportunities for seamless integration of Copilot.



Collaborate with us to define your unique business goals and challenges that Copilot can address.



We'll evaluate your technical capabilities and identify any gaps to ensure seamless integration.



Together, we'll develop a customised implementation plan, including timelines and resource allocation, to maximise the impact.



Experience the power of Copilot firsthand, in a controlled environment, validating its effectiveness for your business.



Roll out to your users with our help to revolutionise your business operations.


Understand your Copilot options

Microsoft 365 Copilot options

Book your Copilot readiness call with us

The best place to get started with Copilot is on a free, no obligation call with our Copilot lead, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Owen Morris.

Book your Copilot readiness call

Frequently Asked Questions

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Book your Copilot readiness call with us

The best place to get started with Copilot is on a free, no obligation call with our Copilot lead, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Owen Morris.

What we'll cover on this call

Assessing readiness — Understand how prepared your business is to deploy Copilot

Mitigating security risks — Understand the potential risks and how to mitigate them

Building a business case — Discuss your reasons for adopting Copilot and how to achieve ROI

Exploring possibilities — Unlocking productivity, unleashing creativity, uplevelling skills

Planning deployment — Discuss key user groups and use cases specific to your industry

Book your Copilot readiness call