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24/7 Service Desk

At Doherty Associates, we offer first class support around the clock, with trusted in-house teams that consistently rate exceptionally highly in client feedback. And we invest in continual improvement – yours and ours.

24/7 Service Desk

With fast-evolving technology, hybrid working, and ever-more-sophisticated cyber threats, it can be challenging for businesses to maintain the high levels of service and flexibility now demanded by their clients. Increasingly, success may depend on a complicated tapestry of interrelated IT services and change programmes – and this makes the role of the Service Desk more important than ever.

At Doherty Associates, our ITIL-aligned Service Desk spans the full breadth of end-user, technical and security functions, while retaining a refreshingly human face. This means we can scale our service in line with your needs, from a discreet managed service for a specific application to acting as your complete in-house IT department.

Please contact us about your specific requirements or read on to find out more.

‘I just want to give a massive thank you to Vimadeep, who spent a long time getting my Skype working last night, allowing me to get on air on BBC TV. Your support was much appreciated.’

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