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Despite predictions by Gartner at the back end of the ‘credit crunch’ in 2010, the number of IT managed service providers in London is growing each year. More and more start-ups and small businesses are offering technical support and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to filter the good from the not so good. On the flipside of the climbing rate of IT support providers in the capital, the average lifespan of a London based support company is just two and a half years. The high barriers to entry when trying to establish yourself in the market mean that lots of businesses fall over just as quickly as they stood up.

We believe that longevity is one of the most accurate indicators of managed service providers with pedigree. The growing rate of providers clearly suggests that the opportunity to help businesses achieve more through empowering technology is a fantastic one, but the diluted range of organisations trying to offer their angle on it can be detrimental to those customers who want to embrace a digital transformation. Organisations who have been supporting customers long before the ‘cloud revolution’ have the experience and intellectual property to add value to your business on top of the cloud products you may start using.

Later this month, we will be celebrating the 25th year of Doherty Associates. We were born just a month after the internet was released, and have overseen phenomenal change in the industry – none more so than in the last year. Perhaps the most significant change for us was our decision to open a second office back in 2009. This office is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and allowed us to revolutionise our managed service provision. Whereas, like most of the market, we used to offer IT support in UK business hours with an engineer on call beyond that time, we decided to take our offering to another level, and established a team of round the clock engineers to make our support truly comprehensive.

Support The team in Kuala Lumpur work round the clock to support your business

Not only do we use best of breed monitoring technology to accurately keep track of your systems and keep you online, we also have a dedicated team of real people on hand to resolve any issues which arise and ensure that your systems are maintained as efficiently as possible. The claim of offering ’24 hour support’ is common in today’s IT world, but the many different variants of this service are important to distinguish between when looking for a managed service partner to support your business. The difference between a monitoring agent which runs through the night and a complete team which works alongside the monitoring systems can be weeks of downtime – all of which costs you valuable time, and of course money.

We believe that our unique position is the reason why we are one of London’s top rated managed service providers (95% customer satisfaction rate over the previous three years), and it is also the reason that we continue to enjoy a strong working relationship with Microsoft as one of their Certified Gold Partners. We will be continuing to offer first class customer service through our expert technical team, and look forward to working with customers new and existing as we continue beyond our momentous 25th year.

Support We've been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over a decade

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Written By: Jacob

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