25 Years of Doherty Associates

On September 19th 1991, Doherty Associates was born at a desk in a serviced office in Chiswick. Established just a month after the advent of the World Wide Web, founder Terry Doherty was enacting his vision to help organisations in London and beyond change the way they did business by utilising modern technology. However, whilst the World Wide Web would prove to be the single greatest enabler of the 21st century, at the time of its inception, it didn’t have the size or the outreach to affect many people.

We started by helping customers with common IT issues of the time: word processing, lines of communication and sharing key information were some of the greatest challenges that businesses faced, and we made it our mission to simplify these processes for as many organisations as possible. Whilst we were able to help all of the customers we could reach, we were limited by needing to be on site for every piece of support we delivered.

Thankfully, as the World Wide Web grew and was adopted by huge numbers of people, we were able to start offering a remote support service to our customers – changing the way in which IT support, and business in general was completed. Whereas previously we would need to travel to each customer’s office to help them, the World Wide Web enabled us to setup monitoring systems which gave us real time information remotely, meaning that we could solve almost any issue on the phone.

Our solutions were put to the test when we began to support cruise ships, operating in some of the most hostile and least connected corners of the globe. We set ourselves apart with our ability to consistently keep their systems up and running, and we learned from our experience on water to better our service on land. Our expertise grew as the world became better connected, and it is the learnings from our pioneering remote support service which continue to make us one of London’s leading support providers today.

Whilst technology has evolved dramatically over the past quarter of a century, our focus hasn’t shifted from what we set out to do – deliver first class customer service and create durable, built to last solutions, taking the concern of IT away from our customers and allowing them to focus on what their business does best. We’ve moved our headquarters to Richmond, and set up an additional support centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to ensure that we have people on hand to support you round the clock.

Whether you run a cruise ship in Antarctica or a hedge fund in Aldgate, our team have the experience and knowledge to support your business as you seek to grow. Our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner allows us to bring the best in class software to your people, such as Office 365 and Windows 10, whilst combining it with the expertise you need to make sure your people spend their time on the things which matter to your organisation.

We’re perfectly placed to work alongside you, whatever your ambitions for the future. We listen to your business issues, identify how we can address them, and continually review the process to make sure it is optimal for you. It’s what we’ve always done, it’s what we do now, and it’s what we’ll continue to do.

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Written By: Jacob

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