Doherty Associates break new ground with fourth Microsoft Gold competency

Recently, Doherty Associates added another Microsoft Gold competency in Datacenter. This means that alongside our Gold competencies in Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, we have set ourselves apart in having our expertise and commitment to innovation recognised in a fourth discipline. Having four Gold competencies across the Office 365 and Azure services exhibits our total commitment to bettering customer experiences and widening our service offering.

Gaining Gold competencies from Microsoft is a challenging process. It is testament to the dedication of our technical team that we have been able to reach Gold status in four different areas. It is also a clear indication of their ability, as passing the exams requires experience, lateral thinking and a deep understanding of how Azure services can be deployed and maintained. Across both our UK and Malaysia teams, we have exceptional engineers who commit their time to helping our customers.

The people who make it possible also required recognition from our customers for their ongoing hard work. We were able to showcase a vast range of examples in which we have understood a customer need, designed a solution to meet that need and then supported and evolved the solution to ensure that it continues to help that business reach their objectives. We’re proud of the work we do for our customers and in our 13th year of Microsoft Partnership and our 26th year of business, we’re as excited as ever about the opportunities to help more customers reach their goals.

UK Partner Channel Development Manager Mike Gill has been especially complimentary of our achievements. “Microsoft are a strategic partner of Doherty Associates, and it’s important to us that our values are aligned. We want our partners to be in a position to deliver first class service at the cutting edge of technology, and Doherty continue to embrace new possibilities to improve their customers’ experience. We want to spread the message of what Doherty’s capability means for their customers.”

Our four Gold competencies offer evidence of our knowledge of best of breed cloud products, Office 365 and Azure. We took the decision a number of years ago to join the ‘cloud revolution’ and to commit to new ways of working, and that decision is paying dividends today. We know that we have the experience to provide our customers with the right solution, and with integrity at the heart of everything we do, we want to talk to more people about how partnering with us could help their organisation achieve more.

TOPICS: Microsoft

Written By: Jacob

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