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Many small businesses struggle to justify the costs needed to upgrade their IT systems. Recognising this, Doherty Associates has committed to providing such companies with reliable and cost-effective Cloud services. As part of this commitment it has partnered with EVault to offer advanced Data Protection Services to its customers.

The EVault solution will be made available through the company's core business, and as an integrated service forming part of the CloudToo® platform.

Based in London, Doherty Associates was founded in 1991 and has grown rapidly due to its reputation for exemplary service and as a result of referrals from a loyal customer base that relies on the company to save them time and money.

Doherty Associates is also the architect behind the CloudToo® platform. The solution gives businesses the ability to run critical applications in the Cloud, whilst also having the option to keep applications that are not "Cloud ready" on premise, with a fully managed support package.

Richard Ruddlesden, Sales Director at Doherty Associates explains why his company has put its trust in EVault: "Of course we'd heard of EVault when we set out to find a Cloud backup vendor. We greatly admire its parent company, Seagate, and knew that any branch of that business could be relied upon to deliver the quality product that our customers require.

"But reputation alone cannot sell a business; we put EVault through an exhaustive review and technical assessment before making a final decision. EVault was the most suitable candidate for our customers' needs."

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The synergy between Doherty Associates and EVault is a natural one as both companies also work closely with Microsoft. Doherty Associates is a Gold Partner and EVault is a Microsoft ISV, with its EVault Endpoint Protection (EVault EP) being offered as a Cloud-connected solution for endpoint devices built on Windows Azure.

Andrew Brewerton, regional director of EVault comments:

"We are delighted to welcome a prestigious company like Doherty Associates into the EVault partner network. This is a company that represents everything we look for in a partner. It has a long term customer base, an excellent reputation for selling and delivering Cloud services and is wholly focused on delivering an unrivalled customer experience. We were attracted to the ambitious growth goals within the business and the fact that their objectives align with our own."

Ruddlesden notes:

"Doherty Associates was an early adopter of Cloud backup and that gave us the knowledge and expertise to identify the best solutions available. Subsequently this was also the driver behind our change to EVault, which we consider to be a superior technology. Indeed our choice of EVault also gives our customers tremendous peace of mind as they understand we are providing them with a very high quality solution."

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Written By: Terry Doherty
Terry Doherty

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