Mi Crow added to Doherty Associates' service offering


Doherty Associates is proud to add Mi Crow to its service offering.


Providing a number of courses, Mi Crow delivers video-based training in just 3 minutes. Whilst covering tutorials for a vast spectrum of Office 365 products, training goes beyond IT support with videos covering mental health in the workplace as well as working in the digital age.


There are over 500 quick-win Mi Crow courses on the platform and over 1,500 online video tutorials. In turn, these courses and videos make your business a great place to work, increase productivity in staff by building motivation and job satisfaction whilst keeping your people and business efficient through up to date content.


If you’re interested in finding out more about Mi Crow and the courses it provides, download our Mi Crow brochure here.

TOPICS: Microsoft, Office 365, Technology, Microsoft 365

Written By: Catherine Condon

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