Office Mix and PowerPoint in 2016

To accompany the globally recognised Office PowerPoint program, Microsoft released Office Mix in May 2014 to help bring presentations to life.Office Mix now also lets presenters who are recording themselves while creating a “mix” of their PowerPoint to pause and resume the recording “so you can gather your thoughts, and be sure to say what you want, when you want.” Another new feature lets presenters “erase” what they've written or drawn on a slide.

Office Mix also tracks usage of the presentations, giving teachers analytics on data like which students accessed the “mix,” how many answers they got right and how much time they spent on each slide.  Although currently designed for teachers, Office Mix can be used by other types of users as well. Finally, Microsoft has added a search engine to the Office Mix library component which will let users find “mixes” by category, tag, topic and author.

In addition to Mix and PowerPoint, Word and Excel for iOS devices are free to download from the App Store, and the office apps are available for any iPhone or iPad user running iOS 7 or later. Visit the App Store on an iPad or iPhone and search for Word, PowerPoint or Excel, and download the app to edit and view documents and spreadsheets in these apps for free. All you need is a Microsoft ID.

You can only view read-only versions of documents if all you have is a Microsoft ID. You will need to register for an Office 365 account if you want to be able to edit documents. (Find out more about the registration process here.) If all you want to do is read documents, you can just hit ‘Sign In Later’ and then ‘View for Free’.

After you have downloaded the app, you will see a screen asking you to log on to Office 365, using your account credentials. In certain Business and Enterprise plans, you can also install the entire range of applications available in your subscription on your device, or just use the web browser on your mobile or tablet to log into the O365 Portal and use an online version of the applications instead. (For more on Office 365 and the Office 2016 application suite, read on here.)

In 2016, Office 365 users can also watch and edit their presentations in real time using Sway. Sway is integrated with OneDrive and also Apple products such as the iPad, allowing for true remote access and 'work from anywhere' capabilities.

Want to get started with Office 365? Download the checklist below.

Free checklist: Planning a successful Office 365 migration >

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Written By: Jacob

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