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We as a company have always understood the importance and value of true 24/7 IT support. That’s why back in 2009, CEO, Terry Doherty made a decision to open an office in Kuala Lumpur which meant we are able to offer complete 24-hour support to anywhere in the world.

Our KL team, which consists of 13 employees, work round the clock in shifts to make sure there is always someone available to pick up the phone and help with any queries, giving you a team of dedicated specialists looking after your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Subha Subramaniam, who has been at Doherty for over 4 years now is one of our technical managers in KL. He was able to answer a few questions for me!

What is your typical day at work?

I ensure the team is well equipped to proactively monitor of all core network devices at our clients, with the help of RMM & Ticketing tools. This real time monitoring helps to keep the core network devices optimized to meet the daily workload requirements.

Quite often we engage vendors & service providers for quick resolution of critical outages outside of London business hours. We ensure a smooth operation of all our client’s IT infrastructure by dealing critical issues even before London is awake.

Carry out scheduled works out of hours, that often involves things like upgrades to keep the systems secure and reliable.

24/7 end-user support for eligible clients. Mainly to deal with break fixes and urgent requests that come through during OOH.

How do you run the 24/7 operation so efficiently?

4 teams working on a rotational shift pattern. Each team member work 12 hours a day and 15 days in a month. Half the month off to keep them fresh during 12 hours’ shifts. The teams rotate between day and night every two weeks.

Any interesting information about KL?

We started as a small team of 3-4 people back in 2009 and we have now expanded to 13 people with the majority of us being technical. The office is located in a vibrant area of KL, neighbouring King’s palace, shopping malls, the national mosque and government buildings.

This is why, when Doherty offer 24-hour IT support, we don’t mean a sleepy voice at the end of a telephone, with only a basic understanding of the business they are dealing with. To properly support a 24-hour office, the best IT support must be prepared to operate as it would on a 9-5 basis all the time, ensuring any problem can be dealt with the greatest possible efficiency. Our monitoring teams work round the clock from 2 global locations - alert and ready to respond to the needs of their clients, whenever they are needed. So let us focus on your IT so you can focus on your business!

Give us a call today on 0208 987 1150. 

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Written By: Jacob

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