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In a business environment it is essential that colleagues are able to work with each other as it builds trust and allows your team to know you can be depended on. Building relationships is a lot easier when you can see them in person, as it can help you to relate to them and feel more relaxed around them. In a situation where you work alongside a remote office, it’s crucial that both these offices maintain good communication with each other to help improve workflow.

At Doherty we communicate with our remote office in Kuala Lumpur, by using Skype for Business, as it allows us to see who is available and online. With this feature it lets me know who I can speak to when I have query with the KL office. Also when working in our London office we are the primary pick up for phone calls and we take calls from 3rd parties who usually deal with the KL office so seeing who is available makes it easier to transfer calls.

Another great feature that’s provided in Skype for Business is the ability to share screens. This feature is a big help in day to day tasks as when working with our remote office in KL, enabling us to talk colleagues through processes visually, as well as audibly.

Furthermore, Skype for Business not only allows me to view my colleagues screen but also gives me the option to take control of his screen, allowing me to point things out that may have been missed. Having this feature within Skype for Business also gives us another option for remote support, as at times we can have difficulty connecting to customer's machines, but if the customer has Skype for Business then it allows us to share screens and resolve the issue

Skype for Business makes communication much more effective by having the ability to conference call. With this feature it allows both the London and Kuala Lumpur offices to have multiple people on one call and discuss urgent matters at hand. This massively benefits the helpdesk, where we often come across tickets that have been worked on by multiple people, allowing us to have a conversation with all members a about how we can reach the end goal. With this in mind Skype for Business lets us create groups that we can then assign members in our organisation to, making it easier to find the people we are looking for.

Taking all these points into consideration I think that without Skype for Business, having a work relationship with my colleagues in a remote office would be very difficult as I would be unable to see who is available and not having the feature to instantly message them would inevitably cause delays.

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Written By: Doherty

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