The Benefits of Power BI

Power BI is a complete business analytics service from Microsoft which allows you to turn data from different sources into a rich visual and interactive insights. As remote working continues to become the ‘new normal’, having reports readily available without manual tasks involving time and resources is becoming more essential. Here’s some of the top reasons why you should start using Power BI within your organisation. 


Increase Productivity 


One of the main benefits seen from Power BI is the increase in productivity it provides. Power BI allows complex reports to be generated quickly without codeTime consuming processes of extracting data from multiple sources becomes no longer necessary as having data collated all in one dashboard makes reporting effortless. Furthermore, the platform abolishes the error rate for creating these reports. 


Seamless Integration 


Power BI can connect to nearly any data source, meaning that it’s a platform that can be implemented into every business function within your organisation. With multiple sources of data available to select fromwith just few clicks you can start to visualise data using the Power BI dashboard. 


Personalised Data 


Power BI allows you to extract data sources which are relevant to you and your business functionFurthermore, you can select different levels of security, meaning that you can make confidential data only available to those who fall within the senior management category, whilst more generic data could be provided to those of lower seniority levels. 


Real-Time Reports 

Power BI allows you to share and publish reports with anyone or everyone securely. Therefore, if data is rapidly changing, teams can efficiently and effectively adapt to business changes.  


Multi-Device Functionality 


As well as an online based SaaS service called the Power BI service, Power BI is available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, making data accessible wherever you are and whenever you need it. 


If you’d like to find out more about Power BI, join our webinar on ‘Powering Insights with Power BI’, taking place on Thursday 2nd July 2020, 1:00pm BST. Alternatively, contact our team of Microsoft experts today to understand how to start gaining valuable insights with Power BI. 

Written By: Catherine Condon

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