Azure IaaS: How to get the most from your cloud infrastructure

Posted by Doherty on 27-Nov-2018 08:59:00

Worldwide spending on cloud infrastructure is accelerating faster than total IT spending growth. But committing to an investment isn’t enough. To get...

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Tags: Azure, Cloud, Iaas

Microsoft Azure and SharePoint 2016: how to create the perfect partnership

Posted by Doherty on 20-Nov-2018 08:54:00

With more than 250,000 companies using SharePoint, Microsoft’s collaboration and document management tool is one of the most popular to date.

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Tags: Azure, SharePoint, modern workplace

Azure SQL backup: 3 ways the cloud offers superior disaster recovery

Posted by Doherty on 13-Nov-2018 08:57:00

Half of businesses are leaving their data at risk due to limited disaster recovery plans. Of these businesses, 17 percent do not backup their...

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Tags: Azure, disaster recovery

Azure vs AWS: Which cloud packs the biggest clout?

Posted by Doherty on 06-Nov-2018 08:40:00


With more than half of financial services adopting the cloud in the UK, it’s no longer news to hear that cloud computing is the new normal. With...

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Tags: Azure, Cloud

Azure vs on-premise: Why you should choose the cloud

Posted by Doherty on 21-Feb-2018 09:21:00

Before the cloud, on-premise storage was the only option for most businesses. However, the times are changing, with many companies adopting a...

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Tags: Azure, cloud solutions

Why should I use Azure Storage?

Posted by Doherty on 01-Feb-2018 09:30:00

Microsoft Azure has been one of the primary building blocks for the Microsoft Cloud System. This incredible product enables users to gain access to...

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Tags: Azure

Why you should be using Azure Information Protection

Posted by Doherty on 23-Jan-2018 10:30:00

At Doherty, we've noticed that most organisations no longer operate within their own perimeter. Which is why we wanted to bring Azure Information...

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Tags: Azure, Security

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