Cloud security: 3 reasons why your on-premise mindset is holding you back

Posted by Doherty on 10-Jun-2019 15:01:56

How do you defend something that you don’t physically own? You can’t build a wall, erect a fence or dig a moat around your perimeter. So, what’s...

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Tags: Cyber security, cloud solutions

Privacy by design checklist: how to build a proactive data strategy

Posted by Doherty on 12-Apr-2018 15:57:00
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Tags: Data, Secure, Cyber security, GDPR

IT security: 5 things every professional needs to know

Posted by Doherty on 06-Mar-2018 09:20:00
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Tags: Cyber security

9 Reasons you should be using a password manager

Posted by Doherty on 16-Feb-2018 09:14:00

While some of us struggle to remember them - and others tie themselves in knots in an attempt to make them stronger - passwords are a necessity to...

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Tags: Cyber risks, Cybercrime, Security, Cyber security

Why anti-virus software is not enough to protect your business

Posted by Doherty on 14-Feb-2018 10:29:00

Anti-Virus software, commonly called AV, is an critical requirement for anyone accessing the web. AV is a software which monitors network traffic...

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Tags: Security, Cyber security, Malware

What is Malware?

Posted by Doherty on 02-Jan-2018 09:00:00

Malware is malicious software that has been created with the intent to compromise computer systems by stealing data, taking control or causing...

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Tags: Cybercrime, Ransomware, Cyber security, Malware


Posted by Doherty on 29-Dec-2017 10:00:00

What is whaling?

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Tags: Phishing, Cyber security

Potential cost of Uber's breach under GDPR

Posted by Doherty on 21-Dec-2017 02:07:51

Recently it was announced that Uber suffered a significant breach, reported to have affected 57 million of the ride-sharing apps users. Without...

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Tags: Cyber security, GDPR

Cyber Security: Do you feel lucky?

Posted by Doherty on 21-Dec-2017 02:06:40

‘There are two types of companies; those who’ve had a breach and those who don’t know they’ve had a breach’ - James Comey, former Director of the...

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Tags: Cyber security

How the WannaCry attack underlines the importance of IT support

Posted by Jacob on 18-May-2017 11:56:13

The spread of the WannaCry ransomware has slowed since this weekend, but the catastrophic effects it left behind remain, and should serve as a...

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Tags: Cyber risks, Cybercrime, IT Support, Microsoft, Cyber security

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