Workplace transformation: 4 inspiring examples of innovative digital workspaces

Posted by Doherty on 23-Apr-2018 11:03:00


“The traditional office is no longer the most productive environment for today’s workforce”

Rich Ellis, director of Microsoft’s Office Division in...
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Tags: flexibility, working remotely, modern workplace

My personal experience of the on-premise to cloud transition

Posted by Doherty on 23-Feb-2018 10:14:00

In this blog, Lewis Andrews, a member of the procurement team at Doherty, shares his personal experience of transitioning to the cloud and the...

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Tags: Cloud, flexibility, Mobile Working, cloud solutions

Skype for Business - 5 Things You Should Be Using

Posted by Jacob on 17-Aug-2015 09:53:56

1. Instant Messaging

Use the instant messaging feature to send live messages to both colleagues inside your organisation and those outside your...

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Tags: business continuity, Cloud, collaboration, competitive advantage, features, flexibility, information, IT Support, Office 365, productivity, S4B, Skype for Business, SMEs

The Sales Director's "Holiday" - Office 365 To The Rescue

Posted by Jacob on 12-Aug-2015 15:16:25

He finally made the time to pull away from all those numbers and targets and take out some time for himself… or so he thought.

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Tags: 24x7, business continuity, Cloud, collaboration, competitive advantage, features, flexibility, Microsoft, Office 365, Outlook, phones/tablets, productivity, S4B, Skype for Business, SMEs, time saving, working remotely

Office Lens In A Nutshell

Posted by Jacob on 12-Aug-2015 09:59:37

In a nutshell - how Office Lens will transform the way you work!

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Tags: 24x7, Cloud, collaboration, competitive advantage, flexibility, information, Microsoft, Office 365, Office Lens, OneDrive, productivity, time saving, windows, working remotely

Is Skype for Business™ right for your business?

Posted by Jacob on 31-Jul-2015 08:48:40

Skype for Business is Microsoft’s latest instant messenger, incorporating their trademarks of robust security and user friendly software with the...

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Tags: flexibility, IT Services, Microsoft, S4B, Security, windows

True 24/7 IT Support

Posted by Terry Doherty on 14-Aug-2014 14:44:25

Today it seems that nearly all IT support companies offer 24/7 support to their clients, but often without defining exactly what that means. With so...

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Tags: 24x7, competitive advantage, flexibility, IT Services, monitoring, SMEs, support

Cloud Technology - The Key to Flexible Working?

Posted by Terry Doherty on 09-Apr-2014 09:47:12

Last week, in this blog post, I discussed some of the incredible opportunities Cloud computing can offer Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs),...

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Tags: 24x7, Cloud, CloudToo®, collaboration, flexibility, hybrid, Microsoft, savings, SMEs, time saving, upgrade/refresh, working remotely

CloudToo®: Working for your Business

Posted by Terry Doherty on 02-Apr-2014 15:33:03

One of the most commonly searched phrase associated with the Cloud is "what is Cloud Technology". This may surprise some, as early adopters have...

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Tags: Cloud, CloudToo®, collaboration, competitive advantage, flexibility, international, Office 365, productivity, savings, SMEs, time saving, upgrade/refresh

How to Upgrade your Business IT without downgrading your budget

Posted by Terry Doherty on 31-Jan-2014 14:54:53

By Terry Doherty, CEO of IT service and support company Doherty Associates, the company he founded over twenty years ago. He has worked closely on...

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Tags: Cloud, competitive advantage, flexibility, hybrid, information, Microsoft, Office 365, productivity, savings, scalability, Security, SMEs, Terry Doherty's Blog, time saving, upgrade/refresh

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