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Microsoft Azure

Meet your 2024 Microsoft Azure Partner


At Doherty Associates, we have the skills and experience to untap the potential of Microsoft Azure, to ensure it delivers maximum value to your business.

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Are you getting the most value from your investment in Microsoft Azure?


Are you utilising all the powerful tools Azure has to offer?


Is your system set up following best-practice guidelines and your data protected?

The Azure platform offers over 200 services that can be provisioned to deliver applications on a per-second basis. But while this brings a wealth of opportunity, it also involves a measure of complexity – which our expertise can cut right through.

We know that successful deployment typically requires multiple services with many configuration settings, and that the data held on these applications may be confidential, sensitive, or subject to regulation. Security is therefore fundamental. But a successful Azure deployment must also function well, and our experience and best-practice knowledge give us stand-out advantage in achieving these complementary goals.

We’ll pull out all the stops to ensure that your data is protected and that your systems are following best-practice architectures. We will also do whatever we can to find and implement potential improvements and to detect and resolve any security risks before they can grow into problems.


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Our Microsoft Azure services

Design and Architecture

Our team of certified Azure Solution Architect Experts has extensive experience in building new Azure environments and of keeping them secure and up to date.

When a client is moving to the cloud, we start by developing a comprehensive understanding of any existing legacy environments, which we then factor into
the design.

Landing zone design and build

If you are in the initial stages of creating an Azure environment, we can design and build a landing zone with the right set of policies and controls in place to ensure that the environment you migrate into is ‘live’ and ready for use.

This work can be undertaken on a project basis or as part of a wider cloud migration.

Cloud migration

If you are looking for an edge when adopting Azure, our extensive history of migrating systems and applications to the cloud, coupled with our experience of hosting and maintaining customer environments, make us a sound choice.

We always begin with a process of understanding both the technical and business impacts of migrating. This puts us in a stronger position to help you achieve your business goals – whether this is reducing costs, enhancing reliability, or unlocking new capabilities.

Managed Azure Services

Once your environment is set up in Azure, we can help to ensure that the systems and services inside it are running well, that your data is protected from attack, and that your business achieves the benefits of scaling appropriately.

These tasks can be outsourced to us in their entirety and delivered as a fully managed service. Alternatively, we can work alongside your in-house IT teams, or empower you to monitor and manage your workloads for yourself.

Training and Enablement

We can provide user and administrator training across the Azure technology stack, with additional support from expert consultants when needed.

For the majority of businesses, the most important factor in moving to the cloud isn’t the actual migration; it’s the ability to extract maximum benefit from their investment.

Modern data warehouse

We can help you create, run, and maintain a modern data warehouse in Azure, enabling you to access the right information at the right time to inform your decision-making, and to run your businesses even more effectively.

The systems used by many businesses in their day-to-day operations are now capable of producing large amounts of raw data. But before this can be useful, it must be turned into actionable information.

Azure security and networking

By successfully integrating Azure into our wider security management services, we make sure that your total security surface is covered.

Our management service applies the Microsoft-recommended level of security compliance and remediation, and closely aligns with improving Azure Secure Scores.

Master Azure with Doherty Associates

As a long-standing Microsoft partner, we have satisfied the rigorous requirements of experience, customer satisfaction and know-how to be recognised as being in the top tier of their ‘partner ecosystem’.

Our four Microsoft Solutions Partner designations cover:

  • Infrastructure Azure
  • Digital & App Innovation Azure
  • Data & AI Azure
  • Modern Work

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Azure investment.

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Get in touch today

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