Changing demands of the modern workforce

Technology has changed the way we work and live, but for modern businesses, technology is not just a tool for improvement, but also for survival. Businesses are having to change the way in which they are working, not only to meet increased demand from clients, but also to accommodate the changing behavioural trends of the modern workforce including, bring your own device (BYOD) demands and increased flexibility in how they wish to work.

Whilst technology can enable the modern workforce to increase their productivity and collaboration, new habits bring new challenges with them. For firms from all industries (particularly legal and financial services), with the GDPR now enforceable, accommodating this new way of working brings increased security threats and data management protocol, that must be adhered to.

The introduction of BYOD and remote working increases the productivity of the modern workforce, but also enables companies to reduce their overheads and improve client service standards. Furthermore, with the emergence of the millennial workforce, in order to attract the brightest graduates, companies will benefit from being able to offer them the latest technology . It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to adopt the new practices, to stay competitive in an ever-changing workplace.

New Challenges

However, with the benefits of BYOD technology and a flexible workforce, also comes an increased burden of potential risk. The reputational damage of a breach could be very harmful to a business. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the new technology available is properly managed and supported. With years of experience of implementing and managing cloud technologies for our customers, as well as three Microsoft Gold competencies in the field, Doherty Associates are well equipped to bring your workforce into the modern world, whilst not compromising security.

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