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Cyber security insights

Navigating cyber complexities with clarity and precision

We believe in providing meaningful insights and actionable recommendations to our clients to help them navigate the complexities of cyber security, rather than overwhelming them with endless data points.

We strip out the noise to help you focus on the alerts that really matter.

Our industry knowledge and experience enable us to provide deep analysis and tailored recommendations to enhance your cyber defence strategy.

Our approach to cyber security insights and reporting

Focused analysis

We sift through the noise to identify the critical alerts that require your immediate attention. By prioritising and contextualising security data, we help you focus on the most significant threats to your organisation.


Expertise-driven guidance

With years of experience in the cyber security field, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every engagement, ensuring that you receive guidance that is both informed and actionable.


Peace of mind

We share plain English key statistics highlighting the effectiveness of the security controls and services, while keeping you abreast of emerging trends, and identifying any suggested improvements/remediations.


Actionable recommendations

Whether it’s strengthening your security controls, enhancing incident response procedures, or implementing new technologies, we offer practical guidance to improve your security posture.


Proactive strategy development

We don’t just respond to the current cyber climate; we forecast future trends and help you develop forward-thinking strategies to maintain enduring security.


Customisable dashboards

We provide our clients with a tailored and visual representation of their security status, enabling them to quickly understand their cyber risk profile and make informed decisions.


Partner with Doherty Associates for expert analysis and tailored recommendations

In cyber security it is crucial to cut through the noise to identify key alerts, focus on what matters and take meaningful action. Working with Doherty Associates provides you with the expertise to deliver just that.

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