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Managed detection &
response (MDR)

Managed detection and response (MDR)

Elevating cyber resilience: advanced MDR solutions for dynamic threat landscapes

As threats continue to evolve and grow in sophistication, organisations require proactive measures to safeguard their sensitive data and maintain operational integrity.

Our MDR service offers a robust and comprehensive solution that encompasses monitoring, swift detection, thorough analysis and rapid response.

We deliver integrated threat protection across devices, user identities, applications, email, data and cloud workloads.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert insights, our MDR service is designed to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Why choose Doherty Associates for MDR?

24/7 monitoring and support

We provide round-the-clock monitoring of your network, endpoints and systems, enabling timely detection of suspicious activities and potential threats and minimising downtime.


Proactive defence

We believe in proactive cyber security measures to anticipate and mitigate threats before they escalate. Our MDR services empower organisations to maintain a proactive stance against evolving cyber threats.


Comprehensive protection

From continual monitoring to real-time incident response and post-incident analysis, our MDR services provide comprehensive protection across all facets of your organisation’s digital infrastructure.


Expertise and experience

Our team boasts extensive experience and deep expertise in cyber security, enabling us to deliver tailored MDR solutions that align with your organisation’s unique needs and objectives.


Advanced threat & detection

We leverage advanced technologies, along with the intelligence gained across our breadth of clients for the benefit of all. We implement enterprise-level detection capabilities to identify and neutralise threats effectively.


Tiered service structure

We provide four service tiers to ensure your security needs are delivered to your required level: Basic, Foundation, Enterprise and Advanced. As your organisation grows and evolves, our solution scales seamlessly to accommodate your changing requirements.


Regulatory Compliance

Our security offering is delivered in line with regulatory guidance and compliance standards such as ISO27001.


Enhancing remote work security

The transition to remote work has brought about new security challenges. Our Managed SOC Service is designed to bolster the security of remote work environments, guaranteeing the resilience of your systems no matter where your employees are situated.


Efficient security management

Our Managed SOC Service provides the most coverage possible taking into account your organisation’s unique risk profile and requirements, and the evolving shape of cyber threats. We help you allocate your budget to best effect.


How our MDR service works

Our service covers six phases to ensure swift and intelligent responses to threats

01 Detection

We ingest telemetry from your entire network and endpoints to give us full visibility of threats as they develop, including those that have bypassed your existing protective security controls. We utilise algorithms and automation as well as a proactive human approach to hunt for more hidden and advanced threats, enabling us to triage, analyse and investigate effectively and at speed 24x7x365.


02 Prioritisation

When alerts are triggered, our analysts triage to identify priority incidents that require an immediate response. Our experienced specialists are trained in incident response and have access to specialist tools and threat intelligence to identify when a security incident could have a material impact.


03 Investigation

The analysis and investigation phases provide us with the context to determine the form of response required. This can take many forms to return the system to a known good state, such as requiring an endpoint to be removed. We look for indicators of compromise, understanding what has happened in detail and forming a plan for containment and eradication of the threat.


04 Response

Using the information gathered during the investigation, our team take appropriate steps to contain and eradicate the threat. This can take many forms to return the system to a known good state, such as requiring an endpoint to be removed. We advise and guide on the key steps to take to contain the threats before damage can be caused.


05 Learn

We use our findings to cover off the attack vectors used in any breach. We also implement learnings from all incidents across all clients. This is a constant learning process we call black box thinking. Our data gathering and learning approach is modelled on the development processes deployed by airlines, where safety failures are simply not an option.


06 Evolve

Taking the lessons learnt, we evolve your systems, technology and processes to ensure your cyber security and information governance are optimally secure and protected from the latest threats. Cyber security never stands still, and our service remains evergreen to keep you protected.


Partner with Doherty Associates for proactive threat protection

Choosing the right partner for your MDR needs is crucial for the success of your cyber security strategy. With Doherty Associates, you gain a trusted ally dedicated to empowering your organisation with proactive cyber security measures.

Contact us today to learn more about our MDR services and take the first step towards fortified defences and enhanced resilience.

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