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Security assessments & certifications

Elevating organisational resilience: a strategic approach to cyber security

Our security assessments and certifications offer a holistic approach to evaluating your organisation’s security posture.

Through meticulous analysis and strategic recommendations, we help you identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and achieve compliance with industry standards and regulations.

We align our services with industry best practices to ensure that your organisation is not only protected against current threats but is also prepared for future challenges.

Why carry out a security assessment
with Doherty Associates?

Strategic security roadmap

Receive strategic, actionable recommendations that are in sync with industry best practices.


in-depth security insights

We provide a complete picture to equip you with the knowledge to fortify your defences.


Bespoke risk profiling

Our risk identification process is tailored to your organisation’s unique profile, ensuring personalised and effective guidance.


Cutting-edge threat intelligence

Our techniques and technologies help decipher the tactics of potential adversaries.


Rigorous control evaluation

We ensure your controls are robust and up to date, offering peace of mind in an ever-evolving threat landscape.


Industry-leading certifications

We guide you towards achieving compliance with leading industry frameworks and achieving certifications.


How our security assessments work

Comprehensive security analysis

We build a picture of your organisation’s risk profile, identifying potential threats, and pinpointing the areas of highest risk. We identify who the bad actors are, their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), as well as the threat vectors they are using.


Evaluating your controls

We analyse both the technical and business-oriented controls in place within your organisation. By examining existing security measures, policies, and procedures, we determine their effectiveness and suitability in mitigating identified risks. We compare your security provisions to similar organisations to understand your relative exposure.



We provide a clear presentation of your security posture, aligning it with industry frameworks such as NIST, and offer actionable steps to strengthen your defences. Whether it’s achieving compliance with Cyber Essentials or enhancing your overall security strategy, we guide you towards proactive security measures.


Evaluate your security posture and take action with Doherty Associates

Doherty Associates’ security assessments ensure that your organisation stays ahead of the latest cyber threats. With our expert guidance, tailored recommendations, and commitment to excellence, you can enhance your security posture, mitigate risks, and safeguard your valuable assets effectively.

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